Hope (Niall horan fan fiction)

(Warning, It contains some cussing and talking about some one being raped.)

Elizabeth had parents but they died in a car crash when she was 15. Now she is 18 and she lives in a beautiful abandoned park, she has been raped 3 times, she has been abused by random people because nobody liked her at her school town. She is now in the park, but doesn't know she is pregnant with a stranger's child. She meets Niall Horan, and he tries to help her. After a while she finds out she is pregnant.
Will Niall put her back on the streets or help her? Will they fall in love?

This is my first fanfic.


1. 1: Unexpected Surprise.

Authors/note = A/n. This is my first fanfiction. Hope You like it. Lol I know how much long authors notes suck so I'll just start the story. Just want to add, my Wattpad is MusicLover1263, same as this. 



            Elizabeth's POV

           I wake up hearing the birds chirping and see the sun shining bright. I have a really dry throat. I get up and walk over to the pond, the only way of water I have to drink. Fish can share, right? I cup my hands with water and drink some of the water. I helps but tastes bad, but it's all I have. I splash my face with water to wake me up but it doesn't help. I walk back to the tree and climb back up to my special branch where I also call my bed. I miss sleeping on a comfortable mattress. I hear a twig snap over by the lake and quickly turn to see a blond boy by the water. I freak out and fall out of the tree and make a loud thump, making him turn around. He looks shocked and says, "Were you stalking me?" He had a beautiful voice and accent. I shake my head, as he walks over to me I back away. I have to admit he is kinda cute. He noticed me shaking in fear and says, "I'm not going to hurt you, are you okay?" I still don't understand how he is talking to nicely to me when I probably look like shit. My clothes are ripped making my jeans look like short shorts and my t-shirt look like a crop-top. I didn't even notice him walk over and sit beside me. He scares me by touching my arm. I jump and almost start crying. He looks at me sadly. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you." He says, smiling the most beautiful smile i've ever seen. "I-i.." I talk once after about 4 weeks. He holds out his hand and says, "Hi Im Niall." He tries to brighten the mood. I slowly, hesitantly shake his hand and whisper, "I'm E-elizabeth." He smiles at me and decides to be nice no matter how bad I look. "So how far do you live from here?" He asks. "I have N-nowhere to live." I mumble and look down and feel my eyes tear up. He tries to hug me without scaring me and says, "I'm sorry, please don't cry." I look up at him and try to smile. But then ask "W-why are y-you pretending to c-care?" He looks at me and says, "I'm not pretending, I do care. Why wouldn't I?" I mumble, "Nobody does" under my breath hoping he didn't hear. When I look up he looks shocked, and sad. I start to cry feeling scared and I don't know what to do. He rubs my back gently as he pulls me into a hug, letting me cry in his chest. Nobody had ever let me do that before. Then I was surprised by him singing with a wonderful voice. I started calming down, not crying any more. I almost fell asleep in has arms. He whispered, "Are you asleep?" I just hummed to peaceful to talk. I realized he smelled really good. I've never been this close to anyone, let alone a guy. I sat back, and said "Sorry I got comfortable. I'm sorry to bother you." I looked down. "It's ok, are you tired?" I nodded slowly. "Do you have a place to stay?" He asked nicely. I looked down and mumbled, "No" He got up, I thought he was going to leave me but he helped me up and tried bringing me somewhere. I panicked, like usual. I was scared and started crying pulling my hand back. He looked at me sadly, and I said, "A-are you g-going to r-rape me?" I asked him. He looked shocked, "No, I would never do that. What made you think that?" He looked at me and looked down. He lifted my chin and asked, "Elizabeth?" I looked at him "Y-yeah?" He looked at me and asked me, "Have you been raped?" I looked down nodding with tears in my eyes. "Oh My God!" He said pulling me into a hug again. "I would never do that to you. I was going to take  you to my place, you look really tired." I nodded and followed him to his car. He opened my door for me, and got in to drive. I look out the window as he drives, and pray that I won't get hurt. My eyes get heavy but I try to stay awake. "It's okay you can go to sleep, love." Niall says, and then I fall asleep.



            I wake up in a room on a bed. Then I remember Niall. I smile and think 'he must have carried me in here.' I just hope I wasn't to heavy. I get up and walk out of the bedroom, but then scream as someone was walking by, but rams into me. I fall to the floor and run to the corner of Niall's room. I realize the guy has brown curly hair and brown eyes. He looks at me shocked and shouts, "NIALL, A FAN BROKE IN YOUR HOUSE COME HERE!!!" Me being the wimp I am sit in the corner in a ball crying, being scared. Niall comes with 3 other guys behind him. "Harry, what are yo-" Then he sees me, and comes over hugging me. "It's ok, she's not a fan that broke in I brought her here." I held me and I cried in his chest. The other guys sat on the floor and they all started singing Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran, till I fell asleep.

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