The story of a wallflower trying to fit in.


2. Him

          Have you ever had that feeling when you are with someone where you can just look at them and everything bad you would be thinking about seems to go away? Well, I do. I've been interested in this guy for a while now. We have been talking and hanging out. Everything seems to be okay when i'm with him. But. The bad thing about this is I feel like there is a catch with him. Every time we hang out he seems to go back to his friends and give them a 100% description of every thing we did. Which is not that bad because i'm not doing anything bad with him. But i just feel like he doesn't like me for me, he "likes" me because ill hang out with him or ill cuddle him and watch movies and do dumb stuff. In the long run its not that bad but I like him, and knowing the fact that he may not like me and just wants to hang with me because i will is heartbreaking. Like i told him how i feel i told him how i think about him and how i want to be with him, and i just feel like this may never become what i want it to be.


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