The story of a wallflower trying to fit in.


3. Friends.

                 Best friends don't always last forever. But was it right what i did? I had a best friend.She was great at time, but she was also a complete psychopath. She torn me away from all my other friends. She got me into fights i never wanted to have. She made me do things i never wanted to do. She made me act a way i never wanted to act. She was the worst thing that happened to me.

                                                            Ill tell you my story.

                 I had just moved here and she was best friends with my neighbor, they brought me over some nasty ass brownies as a welcome to the neighborhood gift. This is where it all started. On my first week of school I hung out with a ratchet crowd of people with her included I thought they were cool. Later i moved groups but she tagged along. Her and i started to get closer and sooner then later became best friends. The more i got to know her the cooler she was. Which was a mistake. Finally we became besties for life. 7th grade year ended fast and then i was summer. During the summer her brother got into a really bad car accident and she wasn't handling it well so i had to come along with her for the ride. The whole summer he was in the hospital and she was there too. She kept saying how she never wanted to be there. She would always tell me "It would be better of if he died" which she will ROT IN HELL for saying something so cold hearted.  8th grade year came fast and this is where things started to go downhill, in the beginning of the year we were so close but then she had to stab me in the back and go gossip about me. We stopped being friends. We slowly started to talk again after about 4 months. AFTER her mom emailed my mom that i was "bullying her" which i wasn't because i didn't care enough to even want to think about her ugly ass. Within the next 3 months we became friends again which led to the biggest fight i got into. EVERYONE at the table i sat at hated her. I was to stupid to understand why. Me and Lauryn (i love her now) got into  huge fight and literally got me kicked out of that friend group. 8th grade year ended fast and i spent the WHOLE summer with her. This is when i started to realize how crazy she was. She Self harmed her self for no reason. Her and her mom would literally get into a TINY fight like about her shoes being on the floor and she would go self harm. LIKE WHY???? She kept doing it. Her mom found out and sent her to therapy. She got released and started again. She told me multiple times she had planned out a way to kill herself. I tried to help but nothing worked. She would get to crazy over the littlest things. I stuck with her all summer in fear that she would do some thing bad to herself. When the school year started it opened a path way for me to escape. We started hanging with the same friends but like everyone else they hated her and as they stopped talking to her so did i. I stopped making an effort i was done with her. I cut her off. We no longer talk at all. My new friends are amazing they are emotionally stable and took me in like i was one of them. I'm happier now.

               Was that the wrong thing to do? what else could i have done? be miserable and stick with her. Well i did it for me. And i love it and hate her.


Her name is Jordan Douma and she was the worst thing that ever happened to me.

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