The Girl in the Tree

This is the story of how a boy (Harry Styles) met the love of his life in an unexpected place. The center of which their love would grow.


7. Chapter 7.

Chapter 7.

I groaned. "Im sorry." I said. "Its not your fault." "Heres the plan. Im going to hurry and get you to the hotel, then Im going to drive around so they'll lose us." Its going to be difficult, but Ill do it for Sydney. " Are you sure that will work?" "Hopefully."

I parked at the entrance of the hotel. I put my hand on Sydneys. She looked up at me, with fear in her eyes. "Hey, everything will be okay. I promise." She nodded. I leaned over and kissed her forehead."Now dont forget our reservation is under Howards. I put it as your last name so we woudnt be questioned that much." She nodded again and took in a deep breath and got out of the car. 

When she walked in the door I started up the car and listened as the paps cars followed behind me. 


Sydneys POV

I walked in the doors, straight to the front desk. " Hi I have a reservation under, Howards." I said. The lady at the desk went to her computer and started typing on her computer. I heard a sudden burst of commotion from behind me. I turned around and a mob of reporters came in and started running towards me. Half of them must have followed me, and half must have followed Harry!

I looked back at the lady and started smacking the desk. "Please give me my key!" The lady fidgeted with a drawer and pulled out a key card and I took it from her hand and ran for the elevator. "The room number is on the key!" She screamed behind me.

I ran over to the elevator and violently pushed the up button. I looked over my shoulder and the paps had just caught sight of me. The elevator wouldnt be here in time to help me. I looked around for the nearest exit and saw one. 

I ran and opened it and lifted up my dress as I ran down the steps. I looked around helplessly. Harrys car was nowhere in sight. But I did see something. A person on the side walk, walking to a motorcycle. I knew who it was! It was my cousin who lives around here in the city. "Zoey!" I screamed. She turned around and waved at me as I ran up to her. "Zo you gotta help me! Reporters are after me!" She nodded and got on the motorcycle. "Hop on." She said I got on and she drove.

"Anywhere in particular!?" She asked. "Far would be good!" She drove on. We started driving on the cliffside. I had just texted Harry about what was going. The paps were still hot on our tail. "Hold on!" She did a sharp turn. But as we turned one of the cars fishtailed us.

He hit us causing the tire to skid. Zoey lost control of the cycle and it rolled. We rolld off the side of the hill. Rolling hitting everything in sight. I stopped rolling on a bit of flat land. I wearily sat up on my elbow looking for Zoey.She was already up and was running, looking for me while holding her shoulder. I tried to make a sound but it just hurt. The last thing I saw was Zo seeing me, and the last thing I heard, was the clicking of cameras.


Harrys POV

I finally lost them! I parked on the side of the road. My phone started ringing. Unknown Caller. I shrugged and answered it. "Hello?" I said. "Hello, this is Zoey Howards, Sydney Howards cousin! Sydney is in the hospital-" WHAT!? I cut her off." WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!" "Ill explain it to you when you get here, just hurry! The doctors have her in the emergency room right now and dont know if she is going to make it!"

My heart was pounding like crazy. "Ill get there as soon as I can!" I hung up and screeched my car onto the road and starting speeding to the hospital. I cant believe I let this happen. Tears were rolling down my face. Over and Over the words "dont know if she is going to make it!" ran through my head.

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