The Girl in the Tree

This is the story of how a boy (Harry Styles) met the love of his life in an unexpected place. The center of which their love would grow.


6. Chapter 6.

Chapter 6.

Sydneys POV

I was so happy that I got to meet the rest of the boys. They were all so nice and kept telling me I looked beautiful. But every time they did I denied that I was. Every time they said it though, Harry tensed up.

We all shifted to sitting in what seemed to be the living-room, it was better because there was a lot less people in there. While we were sitting I saw a girl approach us. It was kinda dark so I couldnt tell who it was at first. But then I recognized who it was. Eleanor Calder! She walked over and sat next to Louis. "Ahh, so this must be Sydney!" She said reaching her hand out for me to shake it. "Hi." I said shaking her hand.

We sat in there and talked for a while. "Ill be right back. Im going to go get us some drinks." Harry said. "Okay." I replied. To be honest I was nervous for him to leave. I wasnt sure if they like me or not." Ya Ill go with you Im hungry." Niall said getting up and walking with Harry. 

I was sitting on the edge of the couch and Liam scooted closer to me. "Harry really likes you." He said. I blushed. "How do you know?" Liam , Zayn, Louis, and Eleanor laughed. I was so confused. "Well, for one thing. Its the way he looks at you." Louis said. "And whenever we say your name, he smiles." El said. "And from the looks of it, he gave you his necklace." Zayn finally said. I looked down at the necklace that hangs around my neck. Louis did a dramatic gasp, making a funny face while doing so. " The necklace! You better feel special if you dont already!" El said, the rest of them nodding. "How so?" I asked "He has never taken that thing off! Or gives it to someone for that matter." Liam explained. I nodded. Wow


Harry and Niall walked back to the couch, Harry with two cups in his hands and Niall with the entire tray of food. Harry sat down next to me and handed me my drink. "Sprite." He said. I sighed in relief. Im only 16 I dont want to be drinking. Ya, ya, ya call me a goody-two-shoes or whatever, but I have brain-cells and I like using them.

"Wow mate, save some for the rest of the guests!" Louis said to Niall, his mouth full of food. "Why? Im hungry and intend on eating." Niall said with food spitting out of his mouth. We all laughed at the him.

As we sat there was music playing in the background. Im not much of a dancer but I can sorta dance. Most of the music was rock&roll stuff. I loved it but I wanted something a little more romantic.



Harrys POV


I looked over at Sydney, her head was nodding along to the music and mouthing the words.' I need to make some sorta of romantic gesture. But what?' I thought to myself. And then it hit me. 

I pulled out my phone to text Louis. Since he was in control of the music I wanted him to play a special song. I clicked send and a few moments later Louis' phone buzzes. He pulls out his phone to read the message. He looks up at me and mouths "Really? This song?" I nodded and nodded my head towards Syd, but she didnt notice because she was too busy chatting with Eleanor. Louis nodded understanding why I chose this song.

"Ill be right back." Lou said getting up. "Where are you going Love?" El asked. "I have a special song request to play." He said. With in minutes of him leaving 'Loved You First' started playing. Ya corky I know, since its from our album but-"Oh my god!!! I love this song!" Sydney screamed over the loud music, stressing the "Love" part.

"Wanna dance?" I asked. "I dont know," she said looking down, "Im not much of a dancer." I stood and held my hand out for her. "You cant be much worse than me." She laughed and grabbed my hand and stood up. "Oh Im full of surprises." I laughed and we walked to the center of the room with the other couples dancing. 

Louis had Eleanor out dancing with him too. Sydney wrapped her arms around my neck loosely and I put my hands around her waist. We swayed back and forth, left and right slowly. I looked deep into her eyes. She was blushing. "Your so cute." She looked down. "Why do you say that?" I chuckled. "You always blush and turn away when I look into your eyes( ;) ). Do I make you nervous or something? Dont be afraid." I looked over at Louis. He glanced my way while dancing with El. He mouthed "Dip her." I nodded.

"Do you know why I picked this song for you?" "I didnt even know you picked it for me." I smiled. "I picked it because I remember when we were in the tree-house the first day we met. You said it was your favorite song." She smiled. "Thank you. Not only for this, but for listening." 

Nialls solo was approaching. I was awaiting the right time to dip her. Right after his solo,Zayn sings"Baby I loved you first!" I spun her around and slowly dipped her. Like in one of those old timey movies. I brought her back to our original dancing and she looked up and smiled at me. "Cant dance huh?" She said. I laughed. 

I brought her closer to me. She rested her head on my chest. I rested my head on hers as we swayed back and forth. When I looked down I could see her eye-lashes. They were so long. They added detail to her blue eyes.

When the dance ended we walked back to where we were sitting. We sat down and now Perrie was here. "Hi Sydney." She said. "Hi!" She was so happy to meet everyone tonight. She sat down next to Perrie and they talked for awhile.I checked my phone and it was now 10:06. "Hey Syd, its 10:06 we should probably start heading home now." She frowned. "Okay."

"Hey!" Louis screamed. "I need a hug before you even think about leaving." "Me too!" El said. "Hey Im here too!" Niall screamed. We laughed and she went around hugging and saying good-bye to everyone.

We walked to the car and I opened the door for her side. She got in and I got in on my side. "So did you have fun tonight?" "Um YES!!!!" I laughed. "What?" She asked pulling some loose hair back behind her ear. "Your cute when your crazy." I said. I leaned over and kissed her. 

"My mum just texted me. She said her and my dad are going out of town and they already arranged me staying with you and Anne!" I felt a cheeky smile grow on my face. "Yes!!! This is great!" I started the car but didnt pull out of the drive-way yet.

" Its already 10:10, wanna just stay at a hotel for the night? We're pretty far from home." She shrugged. "I dont care. What ever you want to do." I pulled out my phone and looked online for hotels near us. "Well, there is a hotel just 10 miles away from here we can stay at." "Sounds good with me." 

On the drive there I called the hotel and they said they'd get a room ready. As we were drving I looked at my rear-view mirror and saw the black suburbans. "Damn it." I said quietly. Sydney was looking out the window and looked over. "What?" "The paps found us. Someone must-have ratted us out to the paps." She groaned. I wonder how Im going to get us out of this one. 

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