The Girl in the Tree

This is the story of how a boy (Harry Styles) met the love of his life in an unexpected place. The center of which their love would grow.


2. Chapter 2. Talking

Chapter 2. Talking

Harrys POV

I stood there awkwardly, not knowing to expect. Is she a cool directioner? Is she crazy?!

When she turned around all I could focus on was her eyes. A beautiful mixed shade of blue and light green. She looked at me and smiled. "Hi." She said. She had a sweet voice. Not high and squeaky, but neutral. "Hi." I said and smiled back.

She turned down her music and looked up at me since she was sitting. "You can come sit down if you want." I nodded and sat down across from her. "Your being very calm. Most directioners go ballistic." She giggled. "Haha well I prefer not to scare people that I want to be friends with." I laughed. "Ha funny too! Your probably the highlight of my day , since Ive gotten back." I said smiling.

I really like this girl. As we talked she told me she's 16 and about 5 feet and 4inches, blonde , skinny. And shes really nice.

"Ya we moved here a few months ago. And we met your mum and step Dad. Every Thursday I usually come over and help her with her groceries or something. Your dad is usually at work.I was there this morning before you came." "Really? Thanks. For taking care of her." I felt awful. I wasnt here when I should have been. "Oh it was no problem really."

I stayed up in the tree with her until 6. The tree house also has one swing hanging from a branch and alot of free branches to sit on. "Wow its already 6:00. I better get going before my mom files a missing person report." I said frowning. I didn't want to leave but if I wasnt home soon Mom would freak. I stood up and waited for her to stand so I could say good-bye    .

Sydney's POV

Harry stood up waiting for me to to. I tried standing up but when I did my legs gave out and I fell onto him. He caught me like he was dipping me in a ballroom waltz. He helped me stand back up and I regained my balance and quickly backed away immediately embarrassed. I really like him but he would never date me. "Sorry! Im such a klutz!" I said blushing looking at the ground. "Its alright really. Ive always wanted to hold a girl like that." He said lifting my chin up by using his thumb and index finger making me look in his eyes.

It was dark outside now. A full moon with shimmering stars. The moon lighted up the tree house. Harrys face kept getting closer to mine. Slowly moving his hand up, caressing my face. My hand was on his chest. I could feel his heartbeat as I moved my hand to his shoulder, moving it slowly up to his face as well.

Our faces were only millimeters apart. We both slowly closed our eyes. I could feel his eyelashes on my face. Our lips crashed with a spark. Filled with passion. I imagined fireworks. Glorious colors.

We pulled away from each other. Smiling. "Thanks for letting me stay over for a while." He said. "Ya no problem. I am glad you came." We climbed down from the treehouse to the ground below.

"I had fun today. Thanks." He said. "Ya I had fun too." He leaned over and hugged me saying goodbye. I hugged back and we pulled away. I watched him walk until he disappeared into the darkness that had surrounded us. Maybe I do have a chance...


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