The Girl in the Tree

This is the story of how a boy (Harry Styles) met the love of his life in an unexpected place. The center of which their love would grow.


14. Chapter 14.

Chapter 14.

Sydneys POV

I looked at myself in the full body mirror. I was told to dress formally casual. I chose some dark-blue blue jeans that were some what tight from the waist to the bottom of my knee, that then went out to boot cut. And a white shirt with a blue blazer. I finished the look with some eye-liner, mascara and kept my hair down and straight.

I walked downstairs to put on my converse and saw Harry waiting next to the staircase. "Hey." he grinned as I walked past him. "Oh wow," Harry laughed, "What?" I asked not looking up from lacing up my converse. "Look up." he said. I tied my laces and sat up. 

Harry was also wearing his blue blazer. "So now we've turned into this couple now." I said giggling.  "You look great, but I wear it better!" Harry said striking and embarrassing pose. I stood up and got up in his face. "HEY! No one, and I mean NO ONE, is more fabulous than me. And Pewdiepie!" I said in a matter-of-factly voice. "Yeah okay. " He smirked. "Hey," i said pointing a finger at him, "Dont test me curly." 

Harry was about to speak but we heard a honk from outside. "We'll talk about this later." he said grabbing his jacket, "Whats there to talk about?" i shouted running away from him before he could grab me. I ran and jumped into the car and sat in the back next to Niall.  Harry followed in behind me. 

-Skipping dinner now everyone is walking out-

"Okay I still dont know how you beat Niall in the food eating contest!" Louis said laughing. "I like eating!" I said simply. "Hey i would have won if Harry wouldnt have hid my fork!" Niall said. We all started laughing. "We are gonna get going. Bye." Liam said walking with Sophia. "Bye!" We said. "Its a shame Perrie couldnt make it." I said. "Ya, late recording secession." Zayn said.

Harry was walking next to me, with his arm around my waist. "Oh shit." He said, loud enough for everyone to hear. Lou and Eleanor looked in the direction of where the paps we rushing from. They were already taking pictures. "Hurry get to the car! We cant have any bad publicity before the award show tomorrow." Niall said. "I cant run, remember!" I said to Harry. 

"Lets go!" Niall said running up to us. He pulled my arm over his shoulder and Harry followed. I held on to their free hands to keep myself from falling, as they ran towards the car. Zayn was infront of us and opened the car door for us. "On 3 drop me! 1-2-3!" I shouted. Once I said 3 they dropped me.

 I dropped, did a barrel roll, and hopped up. I sprinted and hurdled myself into the van. I slammed the door. Lou and El are already in the front seats, Zayn in the middle and Niall, Harry and I in the back. "DRIVE!" i shouted. "Hold on!!" I hadnt even put on my seatbelt when Louis floored it and sped mud on the paps. 

He made such a sharp turn I was flung onto Niall. "Sorry." I said trying to get off him. "Hold on!!" Louis screamed taking a VERY sharp turn. I held on to Niall for dear life. I looked up and Louis was driving normal. I let go of Niall and scooted more towards Harry. 

And boy did he look pissed! His eyes were a dark shade of green, unlike his usual bright shining emerald ones. Everyone made little conversation on the ride home. 

Louis pulled up to Harrys place. "Bye." i whispered, following behind Harry who was moving at a very fast pace. 

He walked into the house pushing the door open, hard enough to make it slam against the wall. I followed in, terrified. I made eye contact with Louis as I shut the door. He looked just as scared for me as I was. 

My heart was beating so hard it hurt my chest to even breathe. I quietly took off my jacket and put it in the closet beside the door. Harry threw his coat on the floor and started throwing things. "Please stop." I whispered, but loud enough for him to hear. "Why!?" He shouted glaring at me.  "Because this is making me uncomfortable!" I shouted back. "Oh really! You looked pretty comfortable with Niall on the ride home!" "Are you frigging serious! Louis was driving like a maniac and I was flung into his arms! " I shouted ticked off. He rolled his eyes at me. "Sydney you know I know thats bull shit!" "It is not bull shit! You know what Im done!" I screamed back at him, stomping up the stairs. "What do you mean your 'done' !?" He screamed standing at the bottom of the staircase. "Im done with this ridiculous argument! " I screamed slamming the door and running to my bed. 

I immediately texted El and Perrie in a group message. They kept telling me things would be alright. That it was just a misunderstanding. 

I kept on and off crying through out the night. Of which sometimes I heard Harry groaning outside in the hall way wanting me to stop. Later in the midst of my uncontrollable sobbing, El texted me saying she told Louis and that He would call Harry and talk to him. 


                                                                                  Next Morning


I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my door. "Syd. Please open the door." I heard a soft voice call. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I was still in my clothes from yesterday. Now I remember. 

I brought my knees up close to my body and hugged them. I stayed silent. "Syd please open the door." He knocked again. "Come in." I said quietly. 

He opened the door slightly and stood in the door frame. "Im sorry about last night. Lou called me and told me I was acting like a douche. So I thought it over and realized he's right. Im sorry I made you cry." "You really hurt my feelings Harry. I only like you. You made me feel like I was Taylor Swift." He chuckled and infront of me.

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