The Girl in the Tree

This is the story of how a boy (Harry Styles) met the love of his life in an unexpected place. The center of which their love would grow.


13. Chapter 13.

Chapter 13.

Sydneys POV

A/N Hey guys!!! sorry i havent posted in a very long time!! But just wanted to say something. I decided instead of Sydney being 16 she is now actually 18 and is a Senior in HighSchool!!!! 



I held the fabric in my hands. Softer than before. "Thank you so much Anne." I said hugging her. I was in tears. No one had ever done anything so nice and sweet for me. "Syd! Mum! Where are you guys?!" I looked to Anne, giving a look of what I should do. She gave me a nod telling me to answer Harry as she covered the dress with a long sheet.

"Uh, over here Harry!!!!" I said. He walked in and smiled at me. "Ahh, my two favorite women hanging around together." He said putting his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek. "Harry, me and your mum were friends before me and you became friends." I said laughing. 

"What ever, so what are you guys doing in here?" "Oh nothing." I said. He furrowed his eye-brows and was about to speak but I stopped I him. "Hey can we go up to your room for a bit?" I asked. He smirked and said sure. I rolled my eyes and said bye to Anne.

We walked up to Harrys room and I got out of Harrys grasp and ran then jumped on his bed. He laughed and said "How old are you?" I was still jumping and laughing.  He jumped on the bed landing on top of me tickling me. "Harry! Stop!!" I screamed trying to get him off. 

He finally stopped but he was still straddling over top of me. We made eye-contact and slowly stopped laughing. I starred into his eyes as he starred into mine. I put my arms around his neck as he lowered his face closer to mine. He kept lightly pecking my lips.

But then a voice disrupted us. "Ahem." Liam huffed. Me and Harry looked at him with a glare. "Sorry if Im interrupting but I need to speak to you two." "This better be important." Harry groaned sitting up. I sat up next to him, and he picked me up and set me on his lap.

Liam stood in front of us. "Have either of you two watched the Gossip Channel lately?" We both shook our heads. "Well, Taylor Swift posted an interesting picture on Instagram." I felt my face lose all color. I pulled out my phone and searched for her screen name. "WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!!" I screamed as the first picture appeared. It was a picture of her and Harry hugging in front of starbucks. 

Harry took the phone out of my hand. " 'Out to lunch with this fine boy;)' WHat?? Syd you gotta believe me I wasnt with her!!!!" He said dropping my phone and holding my hands. "Harry dont worry I believe you. She posted this 2 hours ago. I've been with you all day." I said smiling at him.

"Why would she do this?" I asked Liam. "Because shes jealous of any girl who is dating a member of One Direction." He said simply. 

"But she knows we're dating. Shes so flipping ridiculous!" I said falling backwards on the bed and putting a pillow on my face. "As if all this hate isnt enough people want  'Haylor' back. Great. People even like Taylor Swift more than me." I said into the pillow. Harry lifted me up and pulled the pillow off my face and hugged me. "No they dont. Besides, the only peoples opinions who matters is ours." He said looking at me, waiting for me to nod my head in agreement, which I eventually did.

He smiled and put his arm around me, pulling me in closer to him. "You know what?" Liam asked. Harry and I both said what. "This would be a great moment to post a selfie with your actual girlfriend." He said smirking. Harry grinned and immediately pulled out his phone and clicking on Instagram.  

He handed his phone to Liam so Liam could take the picture. I quickly fixed my hair but as soon as I was done Harry ran his fingers through my hair messing it up. "Hey!" I said. "You look fine." He said laughing. Liam held up the phone, "Say 'Taylor Sift is a whore!" "Taylor Swift is a whore!" We said laughing. 

Liam handed the phone back to us and Harry posted it with the caption saying- Hanging out with this bundle of fabulousness! @sydstarrr2 (Real instagram name <----) I giggled saying "You're such a dork you know that." He shrugged and started hugging me tightly.

 "Okay well Im gonna home and get ready for the celebratory dinner. See you two later!"  "Bye!" We said and then Liam was gone. 

I scooted off Harrys lap. He starred into my eyes and I starred into his. He began leaning in closer, and closer. I felt his lips touch mine, and I slowly laid down, still kissing his sweet lips. Our lips moved in sync. "Harry!!" Anne shouted from outside the door. Harry groaned against my lips and I giggled. "Harry!" She shouted more stern. Harry pulled away angry, "WHAT?" he shouted angry. She came in and began speaking, "Okay so I apparently Im going on some big business trip so I wont be here tomorrow to help you two get ready for the awards. But Gem will be here later tonight and she will help and keep me updated." "Alright. How long will you be gone?" Harry asked. She shrugged, "It just all depends on how everything goes. Alright well I have to get packing. See you two later." And then she left the room shutting the door behind her.

Harry looked back at me smirking, "So where were we?" "Hold on there tiger. We have to get ready for dinner." I said standing up, knowing that what I just said would make him eager for later tonight. 



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