The Girl in the Tree

This is the story of how a boy (Harry Styles) met the love of his life in an unexpected place. The center of which their love would grow.


11. Chapter 11.

Chapter 11.

Sydneys POV

For the past week and a half, I was training. Getting stronger. My knee was even stronger than before. 

Niall came over everyday at 6 in the morning. Him and Harry dragged me out of bed and began working me til 11 at night. Endless amounts of exercises. I worked till my muscles ached so bad I thought they would burn off.

And as soon as I was done I iced my over worked muscles and Harry rubbed my feet. A few times Niall stayed over night because where he was staying was a too far of a drive.

By day 4 I didnt even need to use my crutches. It was hard to walk around though. The brace began at the top of my thigh to my ankle, and it kept my leg straight all the way down except for a slight bend at the knee.

My knee was still swollen, not as bad as before though. 

My appointment is this Wednesday at three. I was really nervous. Over the course of training days ,that seemed to be endless, the other boys came and checked up on me. The boys decided on their own that they are all gonna come to the appointment.

And yes, the fans have found out about me and Harry. Most of them were very sweet. I got tons of Get Well Soon cards. Also some hate mail. I hid it from Harry though. I didnt want him upset.

I accidentally left one of the hate letters open on Harrys bed(Thats where Ive been sleeping for a while) and he freaked out. Its really scary when he gets angry. Its like he's a whole different  person.

Anyway, I told my parents about the accident. "OH my god! We never should have left!! WE'll be on the next flight home." I mother said into the phone. "No, no, no mum. Dont. I'm perfectly fine here. Harry and his friends are helping me recover and are going to take me to the Counter Roundhouse awards!" "Sweetie thats wonderful! Are you sure? We can fly in." "No mum. I promise you Im fine."

~Day of Appointment. Before~
We all were sat down in Harrys living room. Me sitting on Harrys lap on the chair, Lou and El in the two-seater couch,Niall and Liam fighting over the chair with the built in back massager, and Perrie and Zayn sitting on the floor.

It was 1:57. I was so nervous, and I was not even at the doctors office yet! I was shaking like a chihuahua. Harry, with his arms already wrapped tightly around my small frame, Hugged me and kissed my cheek. "Quit your shaking, love! Im sure everything will go well." he said trying to reassure me.

"Ya! And we will all be there for the support." El chimed in. "And with all the training I made you do, your knee should be great. They just might have to drain it." Niall said. 

i felt the color wash away out of my face. "Dr-drain?" I stuttered out. He nodded, "Well yeah, Since it still hasnt gone down, the doctors will most likely drain the fluid that is sitting in the spot where your knee-cap should be." I felt like I was going to faint and vomit at the same time. "How bad will it hurt?" "Well, first they should give you a numbing shot, but after that no, there really shouldnt be any pain. Maybe a little once you can actually move and stand freely on it." I nodded.

Time- 2:34

~Skipping ride to Appointment~

We all walked into the doctors office. We specifically asked for it to be a completely private appointment. Absolutely no one else there except for us and the doctors. It sounds rude and snobby, but it is crucial.

The secretary at the desk didnt even glance up at us. All she said was " The doctor is in his office, go straight through that door, keep going straight, then take a right." "Thank you." I said as we all walked through the door.

"How could you be polite to that witch?" Niall asked. I stopped and turned to him. "You should be kind to everyone, for those who need it most may be fighting their on battles." I said. I didnt know who said it, but its true.

We continued walking and turned left to see the office the secretary told us about. I knocked and I heard a kind voice say "Come in."

All of us walked in. The doctor looked up from his clipboard and his eyes widened. "Well my oh my! Looks like you brought the whole party here!" He said laughing. We laughed. "Ya. Im lucky. I didnt even ask." I said, grateful for how sweet they all were for coming.

I sat up on the examining table, pulling up my yoga pants so he could look at my knee. He felt it and turned it. Did a hole bunch of stuff. "Have you been going to therapy with out me having to tell you?" He asked impressed. Niall and Harry chuckled to themselves. "No, Ive had some help." I said smiling at the two knuckle heads.

"Well your knee looks okay, but its hard to tell. Im going to need to drain the fluid. " The doctor said.

I felt the color leave my fave again. Harry stood up from the floor and walked over next to me.

The doctor walked over to his desk thing(sorry dont know wht tht is called:/) and pulled out one of the several drawers. He pulled out three syringes and a yellow oval ish bowl.

Quick A/N! Hey sorry to interrupt! The next part where it describes the knee drainage and stuff is from my personal experience. Except for having One Direction, Eleanor Calder, and Perrie Edwards there...

My eyes widened at the three syringes. One of them was small, about 2" long and a centimeter wide, and filled with something. The other two were huge. Each at least 6" long and 2"wide with long needles.

The doctor put his equipment on a rolling table next to the examining table and pulled out a pen. He began feeling around my knee. He pushed down on one particular spot, nodded his head and drew an X on it.

"Okay Sydney. What Im going to do is first: take this smaller syringe," he said picking up the small one," and insert the numbing liquid in this area of your knee. You should only feel a slight pinch. Then Ill take one of these bigger syringes and drain out the liquid in your knee. And this little bowl is just here to lay under where I puncture your skin, to catch any blood." I nodded.

Harry took hold of my hand, and I held onto it tight. "Just rest your head love. It will be over before you know it." I laid my head back and squeezed my eyes shut. "One.. Two.. Three." The doctor said. On the count of three he inserted the small needle and the numbing solution was in.

I squeezed Harrys hand tight and felt a tear roll down my cheek, but then didnt feel it anymore.

I felt him take out the first needle and put in the big syringe."Whoa!! Thats so cool!!" Niall and Liam said.

I opened my eyes when the doctor said it was over. I sat up and he had already put a bandage on my knee. My knee was finally back to its normal size!

"So, is my knee cap back in place?" I asked eagerly. "Yes, but we need to have a few tests." He said. I nodded.

"Try standing up." I nodded and kicked my legs over the side of the table. I hopped off but my leg gave out, making me fall. "Whoa." I said. Harry rushed to my side and helped me stand.

I stood there. Waiting for the doctors next instruction. "Stand on one leg. Your right one." I did as he said."Any pain?" He asked. "Nope." "Okay.. Try hopping." And then I hopped. "Any pain?" He asked once more. I shook my head. "No."

He nodded. "Well, looks like you've made quite the recovery. All we need to do now is pick you out a knee brace." I smiled. Everyone cheered. Harry picked me up from behind and spun my around laughing.

They were all so happy to hear the doctors words.

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