The Girl in the Tree

This is the story of how a boy (Harry Styles) met the love of his life in an unexpected place. The center of which their love would grow.


1. Chapter 1. Beautiful Eyes

Harrys POV

I walked into my moms house and saw her in the kitchen. "Harry!!!!! Im so glad your home!!!!" She ran and squeezed me tight. "Hi mum! You know-I-I- still like breathing!" She let go of me and stepped back trying to regain my ability to breath again. "Im sorry I was just so happy to see you!!" I laughed.

Mom helped me unpack all my stuff and put it away in my room. Since I was back from tour I needed to fix up my room. After we got done I sighed and fell backwards onto my bed. "Ahh, its good to be back." "Ya, well dont get too comfortable. You still need to meet our new neighbors." I groaned. I got up and walked to the front door downstairs. I wasnt going to bother arguing with her. I never win.

I had left the house at 12:30.Mom showed me which house it was and I went on my way. The house was medium sized with Blue sidings. It looked about two story's high. I shrugged and walked towards the door and rang the doorbell.

A woman who looked she was in her late thirties greeted me at the door. " Oh! You must be Harry. Sydney is just outback in the tree house." I smiled and walked to the backdoor.

I walked outside towards a large tree. I looked up to see a large tree house with a dangling latter hanging off the side. I shrugged and started climbing up. I got up and stood on the wooden planks in front of the door. There was at least two feet of space all around the tree house with an outside railing along it. I was about to open the door when I heard something.

It was a girl. I let go of the door knob and leaned in to listen. "Ive been waiting all this time to finally say it ,but now I see your heart's been taken and nothing could be worse. Baby I loved you first!" The notes were carried in a higher octave but were beautifully carried. "Wow." I said.

She was definitely a directioner because she was singing the bridge for Loved You First. I walked in through the door and she quickly turned around and saw me. And thats when I saw the most beautiful eyes Ive ever seen in my life.

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