Arms (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I hope that you see right through my walls

I hope that you catch me 'cause I'm already falling

I'll never let a love get so close

You put your arms around me and I'm home

What if you started as a simple person with a simple life? Same boring routine everyday, same people to face day in and day out. Nothing exciting ever happened. That is until you took the leap and tried something out of your comfort zone.

Ashton Harrell is an eighteen year old girl with big plans. She's always loved singing and felt as though she belonged on a stage surrounded by people who love music as much as she. But things weren't always in her favor, that is until she tried out for a huge television show called the X Factor.

Throughout her experience she faces hurdles she must overcome. After all she didn't come here for nothing and she wasn't going to let anything, or anyone, distract her, even if the largest pop icon Harry Styles had his eye on her.


6. Chapter 6

"Alright now contestants please stand in your groups. We will announced who has girls, boys, groups and over twenty-fives in a bit. We just need to shoot the introduction to the episode," Simon informed us, "You may be selected to do a short interview so be prepared" 

We all arranged ourselves into our groups and chattered excitedly. Charlie made her way over to me and kept asking me to tell her all the details about this morning with Harry. I tried to be vague but damn did that girl asked a lot of questions! After waiting about fifteen minutes a camera crew entered the room, talking to one and other while pulling some lucky ones to the side for an interview. 

I noticed Ray get pulled aside as well as Charlie who paused our conversation, thank god. I didn't really know any of the other girls so I just stood their awkwardly twiddling my thumbs trying to look busy. I probably just looked like a lonely socially awkward teenager like usual but I tried not to worry about it. 

"Excuse me miss, could I ask you a few questions?" a middle aged man comes up to me, a fancy camera held in his hand. I smiled and nodded, following him to a secluded corner of the spacious room. He adjusted the camera and then signaled for me to go. 

"Hi I'm Ashton Harrell. I'm eighteen years old and I'm from Bolton Connecticut" I recited perfectly, shooting a grin towards the camera. The man took out a piece of paper that I assumed had questions on it. I hoped that I wasn't portrayed as awkward as I really am in real life. Maybe the people watching will think I'm in my right mind...just maybe.

"So Ashton, you're in the girl group. Who do you want to be your mentor?" he asked.

"I'd love to work with One Direction. They're really talented, even if they are young" I replied, making the man snicker. Uh oh.

"I couldn't help but noticed your close behavior towards a certain curly haired boy on social media not too long ago. Tell us what's going on?" he devilishly smiled at me, making my heart beat. I tried to hide the blush creeping onto my cheeks as I answered.

"Nothing is happening. I met them once briefly at the first audition and they were pleasant. I only replied to their sweet tweets on Twitter, that's all" I calmly denied any rumours wanting to pop up. Neither Harry or I need that crap right now that we were involved in the X Factor.

"So him asking you if you wanted to meet up didn't happen yet correct?" the man pressed.

"Nope, sorry. The boy's are really sweet and have a lot of charisma is all" I assure him.

The man gives up and starts asking me about the show and what I would do if I won blah blah blah and stuff like that. Eventually he got bored and moved on to a different contestant, leaving me to go back to Charlie who was happily talking to Ray, both sitting on the floor. I could tell something was blooming there and it was really adorable how they would shamelessly flirt with each other.

"How was your interview?" Charlie asked me as I sat down beside Ray on the floor completing the mini circle on the floor of me Ray and Charlie.

"Painfully boring. Although the man wouldn't shut up about the tweets between Harry and I" I grumbled, gritting my teeth.

"Nosy little bugger. Oh well. I really want Demi or One Direction to mentor the girls" she states.

"I agree, but mainly I want One Direction. And no, not just because of the get together between Harry and I this morning" I warn. Ray chuckled at me defending myself. Charlie just rolled her eyes and gave me a 'I-don't-believe-a-word-you're-saying' look. 

"Suuuuureeeee" she said, her voice full of sarcasm. 

Just then Simon came in, ready to announce the groups. The three of us hopped to our feet and stood by our designated groups eager to hear who was whose mentors. 

"Okay, we're ready to announce the mentors for each group. First up is the over twenty-fives" Simon said. He stayed quiet for a minute drawing in the suspense from everyone in the room. 

"Your mentors will be Demi and Kelly!" he said. Everyone clapped as Demi and Kelly went around and hugged everyone in their new group. They collectively stepped to the side, listening to the other mentors being announced. 

"The boys will be mentored my me" Simon smiled. Ray grinned and I could tell he was pleased with getting Simon as a mentor. I don't blame him either, Simon was a wise man and had loads of experience. 

"The groups will be mentored by Paulina" Simon said. I knew that left One Direction and the girls. Yes! I wanted to scream and jump around, which some of the others were doing already. But I made an effort to act normally. 

"That leaves our guess judges for this year, One Direction in charge of the girls" Simon declared, sending a smile directly at me. I smiled back confused as to why he was looking at me but didn't make an effort to question it. I was too happy about One Direction coaching me for the show. 

They all came out and hugged the girls. Some screamed loudly cough-Charlie-cough. And this one girl nearly passed out. I mean they were talented, charming and good looking but really? C'mon now people get yourselves together. I didn't see myself in the 'Fangirl' category and it was amusing to see the ladies go berserk over five foreign dudes.

When the boys came over to me their faces brightened immensely, especially Harry. I blushed, giving them all tight hugs. Harry and I probably hugged longer that we should have but hey, I wasn't complaining!

We were all dismissed to our rooms for the rest of the night. But not before Simon told us to choose a song that was on a list he handed out to everyone. I scanned the sheet of thin paper and my eyes landed on one of my favorite songs. I knew that I was looking forward to performing it the next round. I just hoped the boys would approve of it, after all they were my coaches. 




"Val!" I shouted, hugging the blonde that was tightly hugging me back squealing. We stayed in each other's arms for a moment more before breaking. She picked up her bags and I escorted her to my hotel room. After finding out about my mentor I called her and begged her to stay with me in my hotel room. She gladly obliged and was really excited to see me again, as I was with her. 

That night I spilled everything. I told her about Harry and the boys and my blooming interest in the boy with the cocoa locks. She sat and listened intensely, not interrupting once. After I had finished ranting she honestly told me she didn't have any good advice for me at the moment, but I was thankful for her honesty at least. 

I then told her about my two new friends Ray and Charlie who I promised she would meet tomorrow at rehearsals for the X Factor. I could tell Val was shell shocked with the whole 'my best friend is sorta famous now' idea by the way she was naturally glowing every time I mentioned how proud I was with what I had achieved. 

We sat together for the rest of the night eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream while watching scary movies. This is why she was my best friend. We had the same ideas and tastes in virtually anything and she never failed me. I was lucky to have her. We went to bed around two in the morning, sharing the queen sized mattress. 

"Night Val" I yawned. 

"Good night Ashy" she sleepily responded. 


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