Arms (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I hope that you see right through my walls

I hope that you catch me 'cause I'm already falling

I'll never let a love get so close

You put your arms around me and I'm home

What if you started as a simple person with a simple life? Same boring routine everyday, same people to face day in and day out. Nothing exciting ever happened. That is until you took the leap and tried something out of your comfort zone.

Ashton Harrell is an eighteen year old girl with big plans. She's always loved singing and felt as though she belonged on a stage surrounded by people who love music as much as she. But things weren't always in her favor, that is until she tried out for a huge television show called the X Factor.

Throughout her experience she faces hurdles she must overcome. After all she didn't come here for nothing and she wasn't going to let anything, or anyone, distract her, even if the largest pop icon Harry Styles had his eye on her.


13. Chapter 13

Ashton's POV


I woke up, leaning so I was sitting on the bed, only to feel a sharp pain in my head. Ugh, so this must be what it feels like to have a hangover. Serves me right for getting completely wasted last night with One Direction. Shit I don't remember coming home. I don't remember much at all for that matter.


I easily eased up and got the courage to attempt a trip to the kitchen. My mouth was completely dry and my hands all sweaty. As I headed to the kitchen I was stopped to find Harry sitting on the couch watching television. Uh, why is Harry here?


I cleared my throat to let him know I was now awake and in the room. He turned around swiftly, his eyes locking with mine. I shifted back and forth, still absolutely confused as to why he was here. I thought for sure Valerie would take me home after last night or at least call a taxi for me. Harry patted the spot on the couch beside him to which I slowly paced to him, sitting comfortably on the plush couch.


"Good morning" he said, a hint of uneasiness in his tone. Oh shit please don't tell me what I think I'm thinking.


"Err morning. Harry..." I trail off, my gaze adverting from him to the oh so interesting floor.


"Listen, nothing happened last night...well sorta but-" He said only to be cut off by me.


"What do you mean sorta??!!" I panic immediately standing up and pacing around the living room. I then felt my head begin to spin, damn hangover.


"No err, let me explain" he said patting the couch once again. I sighed and sat down only to keep some noticeable distance between our bodies.


"You have three minutes" I warn.

Okay. Well last night you got sooooo wasted. Like absolutely piss drunk. And well you wanted to dance with me so we both headed to the dance floor. It was crowded and all you wanted to do was grind or something so I suggested going back to the bar but you saw these women on the stage with two poles set up and well...I couldn't stop you. Next thing I knew you were up their dancing in your tight dress while all these other men were wolf whistling" Harry said bitterly. I could definitely tell he was jealous but why would he be? We aren't together or anything so why would he even care that much.


"Anyway, I uh, thought you were a good dancer so when you came back I couldn't help it. I just lost control and the only thing on my mind was you so I um...kissed you" he spit out, flinching back in fear I'd strike him.


"Kissed?" I asked dumbly.


"Well more like snogged but after that I felt so stupid and decided to bring you back in a taxi. I'm still here because I was worried and didn't want to leave you" he said very fast. I could barely make out anything he was saying but somehow it all made sense. I remembered everything. The drinks. The dancing. Harry's lustful eyes on mine. The snogging. Then coming back here and falling asleep together.


I didn't know hoe to feel really. I mean, I was glad we only snogged and it didn't go further. God knows I'd be in a shit load of trouble then but it was only a make out session. But the responsible part of me wanted to scream harsh words at Harry for even daring to lock his lips with mine. Then the other half of me liked it and wanted...more?


"I, I'm not mad" I huffed out, Harry's head perking up at my words.



"Oh thank god" he breathed out in relief, "I thought my ass would be grass"


"What?" I chuckled at his remark. What the hell is this boy saying? Half the time I didn't understand anything that came out of his mouth. 


"I said my ass would be grass" he repeated, that sly smirk now taken over his face that was full of concern a minute ago.

"You're weird" I said, him chuckled at my forwardness.

"I know"


I inched closer to him now, daring to push my boundaries as much as I could. He smirked and cheekily wrapped his massive, muscular arm around my shoulders. I snuggled closer, loving the comfort this boy brought me. If only I knew what he wanted as well as myself. I think it was safe to say that my feeling for Harry have grown but still I feel myself wanting to stay secluded from him, keep myself to only myself.


" I remember you singing to me" I said randomly, not really knowing how to carry on the conversation between us.


"Yeah? Was it good?" he asked looking down at me smiling.


"Little pitchy mate, better get back in the studio and fix that" I said in a fake British accent just for the fun of it. He rolled his eyes but that beautiful smile never left his face. 


"I'll make sure to keep that in mind for next time" he said.


"Oh, so there's going to be a next time?" I asked cocking my brows at him teasingly.


"Only if you want it to happen" he said hugging me closer than before. Wow, he is such a flirt but I loved that about him. He could say the cheesiest pick up lines or statements and make them sound suave and genuine.


"You know you have to pick a song for this week for tomorrow right?" Harry reminded me. I instantly got up feeling less dizzy than before and picked up the book of songs to pick from. Flipping to the page entitled 'Sixth Week Song Choices' page I began to look for a song to perform.


It was 80's week and all the songs listed were from the 80's which made me excited. I loved 80's rock and roll like Pat Benatar and Heart. Harry watched as I narrowed down the list to three songs I'd love to sing.


I showed him the remaining three and he studies them for a moment, looking at the tiny sheet of paper with the words of song titles scribbled on it.



1. Barracuda  - Pat Benatar

2. Call me - Heart

3. One Way or Another - Blondie


He tapped his long slim fingers against his chin, slightly sprinkled with stubble making me want to drool. I adored stubble on guys, especially Harry. He just rocked the lazy/sexy look.


"So, which one?" I asked curious as to what he would choose.

"I think..."

A/N: Ahah! Cliff Hanger! Let me know if you like the story. Comment, vote and fan if you enjoy it so far! I love writing it and try to get some writing in whenever I can!

xo - Chlo 


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