Arms (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I hope that you see right through my walls

I hope that you catch me 'cause I'm already falling

I'll never let a love get so close

You put your arms around me and I'm home

What if you started as a simple person with a simple life? Same boring routine everyday, same people to face day in and day out. Nothing exciting ever happened. That is until you took the leap and tried something out of your comfort zone.

Ashton Harrell is an eighteen year old girl with big plans. She's always loved singing and felt as though she belonged on a stage surrounded by people who love music as much as she. But things weren't always in her favor, that is until she tried out for a huge television show called the X Factor.

Throughout her experience she faces hurdles she must overcome. After all she didn't come here for nothing and she wasn't going to let anything, or anyone, distract her, even if the largest pop icon Harry Styles had his eye on her.


1. Chapter 1

"Are you sure you're ready Ash? I mean you'll have to go out to South Carolina for the audition and that's a long ways away from Connecticut and I won't be going along with you" Valerie warns me through the speakers of my IPhone.

I roll my eyes at her wary attitude. I loved Val to death, I mean she was my best friend after all, but sometimes her keen sense of judgment got in the way of what I wanted. I firmly believed that I was ready to take this step. Everyone in my hometown of Bolton always raved about my voice and my neighbors have been begging me to try out for this television show for ages. At first it just seemed like a waste of time, since I know that those shows are always rigged anyway but no one would let it go until I agreed. So now I had to pack and travel up to South Carolina for the audition. Yeah, I know Connecticut is a long way from South Carolina but surprisingly it was the closest audition location this year for the X Factor. 

I somehow managed to get my mom to drive me their for the audition since I'd feel more at ease with some family there. This show was a pretty huge deal. The judges this year were Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio. Some pretty important people if you ask me, and the thought of them listening to me sing made my stomach churn uneasily. 

I suddenly realized I was still on the other end of the line with Val and had been daydreaming while still on the phone. She wasn't saying anything. I assumed she was waiting for my reply which I had totally forgotten to say. This stupid audition is taking its toll on me and we were due to leave in a hour or so. 

"Oh um, sorry Val, got sidetracked. Anyways don't worry 'bout me. I'll be fine in South Carolina, I mean my mom is going with me. I'll be fine miss worry wart" I tease lightly, know how Val can take the slightest things to heart. 

I heard her sigh heavily before continuing. "I know I am, I'll just miss you is all. You know, since you're like my best friend and everything" she reminded me. 

"I'll never forget that Val, you know that. And plus I'll be back within three days time if I don't make it through to the next round" I pointed out, trying to affluence her the best I can. 

"But if you do make'll be gone longer," she paused hardly before carrying on, "but I'll definitely watch you on television tonight! I'm your number one fan."

My heart warms at her words. Everyone in Bolton have been extremely supportive since I was young and I'm so grateful for them. I sure am going to miss my room, my school and my family and friends greatly if I do move forward in the competition. I've just been brushing it off until now. I actually had a possibility of going to the next round; Me, just a small town senior could go far if I work hard enough. It's what Iv'e been dreaming of since I was in Kindergarten singing my A, B, C's. 

 "Thanks Val, I love you so much. I have to go now. It's gonna be a long, boring car ride stuck with my mom" I say.

"Yeah love you too. Be sure to text me when you get there" she mentions before I hear the click of her ending the call on the other line. 

Now I had to prepare myself for a twelve hour ride in the car. I made sure my IPad, IPhone and laptop were packed along with all of their chargers. I hauled my large florescent green suit case into my mom's Toyota, making sure everything I needed for the trip was with me safely in the front. 

I twirled a piece of my lengthy tawny colored hair which I had straightened thoroughly this morning. Hey, I was going to be on national television this evening, might as well look my best. I checked my makeup to make sure there were no smears around my dull blue eyes. Luckily it stayed in place. Many people said how they adored my blue eyes and that they sparkled constantly but never in my life have I seen my own eyes glimmer like how everyone says they do. 

My mom opened the front door and scooted inside making herself comfortable. I wouldn't want to be driving for twelve hours, which is also a prime reason I convinced her to come with me. I had my license and my own car but the idea of driving for that long of a time span made me cringe. I more of a train type of person. Airplanes freak me out and the car seemed so boring to me. But here I am, stuck in a Toyota with my mom who already started blabbing my ears off with her usual nonsense. 

I sneakily stuck my earphones in my ears and let the soothing sounds of Christina Perri flow into my ears. I was actually singing one of her songs for my audition, as it was one of my favorites. I knew for sure that 'Arms' was the right song for me to perform. It's not a common song and it was unique. 

With every mile we passed I began to turn into a shaky bag of nerves. Millions of different scenarios planted themselves into my brain, refusing to go away. I didn't want to look stupid on television and not to mention in front of the four very well known judges. I mean, it was just an overwhelming idea that I hadn't realized how intense it was in retrospect. 

The song finished and an unfamiliar tune flooded my ears. I recognized the artist right away though. It was the band my little sister Ava was obsessed with. One Direction was constantly mentioned in my house and it irritated me. Even if I didn't want to know or care about them I couln't help but hear Ava constantly saying how Harry has four nipples or Zayn and Perrie were engaged. It was so infuriating and sometimes I forgot that she's only nine and a half. My mother encourages her which definitely dones't help but I can't do anything about it. I wasn't surprised to hear their apparent newest single 'Best Song Ever' blaring on my phone. I had way too much One Direction on my phone for my liking.  

Okay let's get one thing straight. I don't  hate One Direction. I honestly feel as though I could've enjoyed them as artists but since my sister regularly runs them into to ground I want nothing more than to never hear about that bubblegum pop boy band. 

I sit and listen to music for who knows how long. I forgot just how many songs I had in my music library and stumbled upon some of my favorite songs from years ago. I was growing more bored by the minute so I put my phone away and pulled out my laptop. Even though I had permission to miss school because of the show I still had a crap load of homework to complete. I figured it would get my mind off of the audition for awhile. I began to write my eight hundred word essay for history; I had to research an important battle that took place in the American Revolution and summarize it. But I honestly didn't mind that much, I surprisingly enjoyed school more than the ordinary senior. 

"Ashton, we're going to take a little break. There's a pizza place across the road if you want anything to eat" my mother says as she parks in a small parking lot across from a plaza. I nod and get out of car making sure to take my phone with me. I checked the time, seeing that we had been driving for nine hours already. Wow, only three more to go. 

I ordered a cheese pizza and some fries to take with me in the car. Once my order was ready I paid and headed straight back to the car, feeling quite lazy all I wanted to do was take a nap and refresh myself before the audition. My mother and I shared the pizza and fries and soon we were back on the road. 

I glanced at my laptop still running with my half written essay displayed on the screen. Eh, I'll finish the rest another time. I yawned loudly and rested my now heavy head in the palm of my hand while leaning into the car door where the window meets the door itself. After a moment of hesitation I put my earphones in again and hit the shuffle button before closing my eyes. 




I groggily woke to see that we had arrived in South Carolina at long last. I checked the time again, seeing that it was six o' clock in the evening. The show aired at eight but they had to record them before going live on television. Everyone who was coming to audition was told to be there by six thirty and sign in. We parked and wordlessly headed straight into the gigantic building with an 'X Factor' banner hung in the front window. I think my mom could sense my anxiety and kept quiet which I was thankful for. I wasn't in the mood to speak or make any noise. I just wanted to concentrate on this audition. Yeah I didn't really like the idea but since everyone made me it felt like the more I came closer to the audition the more I depended on it. 

I reported to the sign in station and filled out form after form after form. Once I was done with that I was given a number and told to stand in line and wait until my name was called. I shakily walked over to a waiting area and sat down in one of the empty seats. Mom was directed some other place, the workers saying something along the lines of "Family and friends are to wait backstage, not here." 

My stomach erupted into butterflies and a distinct pounding intruded my head. I usually never felt any nerves before performing and I hated the feeling with a passion. But then again I only had sang in front of my home town and not on a television show in front of such famous judges. I kept reminding myself that this is what I've always wanted and I'd just have to get out there and do the best I could. 

"You nervous too?" a tall boy who looked to be around my age sat down in the seat next to me, his light baby blue eyes boring into mine. He had ivory skin that appears so smooth and had a naturally glow to it. His dark brown hair was swept to the side sprawled across his forehead. He was clad in maroon chinos and a black v neck with white converse and a matching white beanie on top of his head. 

"Eh, yea. I've never done anything like this before" I admit. The guy nodded in understanding and held his hand in front of me. I shook it and smiled at the stranger's charisma.

"I'm Ray."

"Ashton, um- but everyone calls me Ash" I stupidly stumbled. A big dopey grin took over Ray's features.  I think I actually made my first friend here. It beats sitting by myself constantly worrying about the audition. I could tell Ray was trying to keep his cool as well since I assumed he was also here to audition. 

"Sweet name" he replied, making my cheeks grow a tint of pink. Luckily Ray didn't seem to notice. We chatted together contently, getting to know each other before a lady came out and called my name.

"Miss Ashton Harrell you're up" she said beckoning me to follow her. 



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