Don't Let Me Go

Emily Landon is trying to make her first year in college survivable. But what happens if her roommate (Amber Ford) gets injured on the second day?


2. Sweetheart

Emily's POV:

I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought this was a dream. My roommate that I have known for TWO DAYS is now possibly dead. Phil ran off, hoping that he wouldn't be involved in it. I quickly dialed 911 and waited for about 4 seconds before they picked up.

911: "911, what is your emergency?"

Me: "My roommate got shot on Elm Street! Hurry! She is bleeding really badly!" I said wiping off my clothes from the blood. That was a stupid idea.

911: "Okay, we will be there shortly."

I heard a ruffling and then a dial tone. I bent down to my roommate's cold, pale body. I covered the wound with her black crop top. It was now that I realized that I love her so much. A fairly short man, about the age of 21 came over to me. He had gelled brown hair and crystal blue eyes that sparkled in the street lights. We got our eyes caught in each other's for about five seconds. He broke it by looking at Amber. He covered his mouth with his hand in shock. My hands were covered in blood. I was covered in blood. I heard the sirens and the ambulance and police sped around the corner. They put Amber in the gurney. I felt a slight lift off of the ground. I was strapped down on a table. I was taken into a vehicle with Amber. The brown haired boy followed. He held my hand the whole time even though I didn't know what happened to me. He placed his hand over my stomach. I looked down to see a bloody whole in my sweatshirt. Apparently I had been shot to. I couldn't feel it, because I felt numb. I saw Louis then black. I woke up in a room in an ugly gown that made me look like a hippo. The doctors came into the room. "Emily, we know who the shooter is."


Hey guys! Sorry for the tease! Make some predictions of what you think will happen next! Stay strong! I love you. Xx

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