Don't Let Me Go

Emily Landon is trying to make her first year in college survivable. But what happens if her roommate (Amber Ford) gets injured on the second day?


3. Friends Then, Enemies Now.

Emily's POV

When the doctor told me he knew who the shooter was, I was having mixed emotions. I wanted to know, but I didn't. "Who is it?" Louis asked, acting like he was going to punch whoever it was in the face. "Come out here." The doctor said escorting Louis out of the room. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I could see their shadows. I couldn't understand why they had to leave the room. They entered the room again. "I will leave you two alone." The doctor then exited the room. "Louis, who was it?" I said. He took my hand and held it between both of his. He sat there and looked at the ground. The room filled with silence. I hated silence. I was started to get annoyed. "Louis.. Who was the shooter?" I encouraged him to tell me. Still nothing. "LOUIS! IF YOU CAN'T TELL ME THEN LEAVE." "Emily I-" "Go." He disappointedly grabbed his coat and left. I regretted everything.

Louis' POV

"Louis... Who was the shooter?" Emily said gritting her teeth. I can't tell her. She will be crushed. The best thing to do was just sit there. She wouldn't kick me ou- "LOUIS IS YOU CAN'T TELL ME THEN LEAVE!" "Emily I-" "Go." I didn't want to make her more upset. She doesn't want me here. She was beautiful. I didn't want to let her go. I grabbed my coat and headed out. I was kind of lost, I didn't know what to do. I don't have a car because I am not wealthy. I live on a wide branch in an apple tree. But I can't walk that far. I ran back into the hospital and sat in a chair right by an air vent. It heated up the seat. It was so comfy. They announced on the intercom that all patients are to come down to the cafeteria and eat dinner. Maybe this was my chance to tell Emily I love her. Maybe she will forgive me. I saw streams of old and young people enter the cafeteria doors. But I spotted one beautiful lady. She was in her hospital gown and had no makeup on, but forget that. She was gorgeous without all of that. I walked over to her. She had no one helping her down the steps and she was holding her stomach like she was going to fall. I tapped on her shoulder and she flinched. "Didn't mean to scare you. Do you need help?" I asked. She gave me a light smile that soon turned to a frown. "Louis, I don't want you to be my friend if you can't tell me anything." She said looking down the whole time. "I don't want to be your friend." I said smirking. "I want to be more."


Hey guys! Haha sorry for the ending. I tend to do that sometimes :) Well, happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget to like, fav and comment! Love you!

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