Don't Let Me Go

Emily Landon is trying to make her first year in college survivable. But what happens if her roommate (Amber Ford) gets injured on the second day?


1. Don't Let Me Go

Emily's POV:

I sat up in my bed, staring at my computer. I had to complete a 500 worded essay about my inspiration. Whoever writes the best essay, gets a chance to meet their inspiration. I started thinking about my inspiration. "Who is my inspiration?" I muttered a little disappointed. "What?" My roommate, Amber asked, looking a little confused. "Amber, I am working on that essay Professor Brunswick assigned to us, and I can't think of my inspiration." "Oh Emily! I think I know you better than you do!" She sat down on my bed. "Let me give you a little hint." She said. She started singing

"Written in these walls are the stories that I can explain. Leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days. She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones." I started singing with her. "It seems to me that when I die these words will be written on my stone." "I'm going to go to bed, alright?" She went in the bathroom to brush her teeth and came out in her pajamas. She was dressed in an old sweatshirt that said Scotland on it, fluffy polar bear pants and some bunny slippers. Her long, beautiful blue dyed hair was pulled back into a smooth ponytail. I started on my essay. It was suddenly morning. What the heck? I must've fallen asleep! I just noticed the alarm clocks were ringing. I looked over at Amber and she was beating her's with her binder. Still asleep, I went over to her bedside table and gently poked it with my finger. I climbed back into bed and the next thing you know I was on the floor. "EMILY GET UP WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE YOU KNOW HOW PROFESSOR BRUNSWICK HATES WHEN WE ARE LATE FOR ENGLISH!" She was screaming at me like my mom did when I was 11. I finally got up and got dressed. I was wearing diamond earrings I inherited from my grandma, a black T-shirt that said P!ATD, some ripped up jeans and some converse. Amber had a pink shirt that said cupcakes, jeggings that were baby blue (matching her hair) and some hightops. Both of us had our hair pulled into a sock bun. We got our bags and headed out. We were about to sit on a bench to study for our English test when a group of obnoxious guys stepped on my loose shoe string and I tripped. I fell hard on the ground and became dizzy. All I could hear was laughter. Amber helped me up and gave the leader of the group, Dan Howell, a mean glare. I was about to get up, but my vision was blurry. I noticed my glasses on the ground. "Dangit!" I yelled and looked into my cracked glasses. Amber pushed me on and didn't look back. "Just ignore them." She kept telling herself.

Well gosh. Today was awful. When we walked in our dorm I immediately collapsed on my bed. Amber did the same. Her phone started vibrating. "Emily, would you like to go to a party with a couple of my friends?" She asked, almost being positive I would say no. "What?! A party? At 10 at night? Our curfew was 15 minutes ago!" I said scolding her. "Well I'm going." She said trying to act tough. Pshhh she's about as tough as an ant.

Amber's POV:

My friend, Phil texted me and asked if I wanted to go to a party off campus. I wanted to ask Emily if she wanted to go, but she would never say yes. "Emily, would you like to go to a party with a couple of my friends?" She started yelling and preaching about how our curfew was 15 minutes ago. Curfew smerfew. I don't care what she says, I'm going! I had to catch her off guard so I could get dressed. "Hey Emily, can you get me some juice from the hangout fridge downstairs?" "We have fruit juice in our refrigerator..." She said knowing I was going to do something when she was gone. "Yeah, but.. this juice has been in there for years." "Months." She corrected me. She left the room and I headed for my bed. I always keep MY clothes under my bed. I put on a black crop top that had the Black Veil Brides on it, some skinny jeans with chains, black converse and black earrings for my stretched ears. I quickly took the emergency exit, not caring if the alarm went off and headed into the street.

Emily's POV:

I went back up into the dorm with some juice and the alarm for the emergency exit went off. AMBER! I quickly put on a One Direction hoodie and some old tennis shoes. I can't let Amber get killed or in trouble. I headed out of the same exit. I ran all over town until I found her with a very tall man and the back of his jacket said "Phan". Incase you didn't know, Phan is a ship between Dan Howell and Phil Lester. They are a group on YouTube but I don't watch them because Dan is a total jerk. All of us were about to turn onto a street the party was on when we heard sirens and gunshots. I then heard a scream just like Amber's. I felt somebody push me down and some sort of liquid was on me. I turned my flash on on my phone... AMBER!


Hey guys! Welcome to my new fanfiction! I can't wait to keep writing! Please comment what you think and fav it! I love you!!!

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