Mermaid secret

Locus: say you'll go our with me!!
Winter: let go!!!!
Locus: say it!!!
Winter:no!!!!! Locus slapped her the punched her the he tied her up and typed her mouth the took her to the basement.


2. chapter:birthday nightmare

Winters p.o.v (point of view )

I'm so happy that it's my 16th birthday. That means I finally get my powers yes I'm so excited.but my mom is overprotective so it's like I'm locked up in a cage I wouldn't be Surprised if I was. But I'm not a cat Will not be locked up in the cage I will be free I'm going to get out of here.

Mom: hey happy 16th birthday

Winter: ......

Winter: glared at her in a mean way

Mom: what?

Winter: can I go to the shore

Mom: how manny times do I have to tell you you are NEVER GOING TO LEAVE THIS HOUSE EVER!!!

winter: I'm going to leave and never come back

Mom:no your not cause you going to be locked in your room forever and as long as I live!!!!!

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