Mermaid secret

Locus: say you'll go our with me!!
Winter: let go!!!!
Locus: say it!!!
Winter:no!!!!! Locus slapped her the punched her the he tied her up and typed her mouth the took her to the basement.


12. chapter: new waters

She stopped to think if she stayed on land locus Would find her and kill her if she swam back home she would be caught and killed she had an idea she would just swim to another ocean she waited until the coast was clear and went to dive in the ocean she went to this place called manko she saw 3 mermaids of her own kind but they had orange tails she approached him and greeted with a kind hello

Cleo: hi I'm Cleo this is riki and Emma

Winter: why are your tails orange?

Cleo: because we are warm water type

Winter: ooh I'm cold water type

Riki: then you better get out if here because this is for warm type not cold!!

Winter swam away with a sad look

Cleo: riki!! That was so rude

Riki: I don't care!!

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