Mermaid secret

Locus: say you'll go our with me!!
Winter: let go!!!!
Locus: say it!!!
Winter:no!!!!! Locus slapped her the punched her the he tied her up and typed her mouth the took her to the basement.


4. chapter: meeting an old firend

She swam up to the shore to find him when the coast was clear.

Winter: ppsst... Locus

Locus: that you?

Winter: no silly it's me

Locus: oh god... Help!! Someone sand is talking to me!!!

Winter: shhh!! It's me winter!!

Locus: winter where are you?

Winter: over here behind this huge rock

Locus: OMG!!!!!!!!!

Winter: hi locus

Locus: Winter I missed you

Locus kissed her for like 5 minutes.winter had a Surprised look on her face. She just looked away.

Locus: I-I I don't know what come over me I'm sorry!!!

Winter used her powers to dry her tail there was a lot of smoke. She realized she was naked.

Winter: dear god

When the smoke cleared locus stood there in shock and just stared at her

Winter: locus!!!

Locus: oh!! I'm so sorry he grabbed he's towel and warped it around her.

Winter: locus your a pervert!!

Locus: I'm sorry!! It's not my fault!! Your the one who was naked !! I wish you where never here you come out of no where the yell at me and for what!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!!

Winter started to cry a little then ran away.

Locus: wait come back!!!!!!

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