My Paradise

Hi,I'm Sarah Styles I'm 16 now. My mother died really young fighting for our country. I am secretly in love with my fathers band mate Liam Payne. Will it work out or is Sarah to young and childish for him?
Read to find out!!!


4. Saying goodbye.

I look up to my angry father. "Sarah.",Harry says. I get up and walk to my father. He grabs my arm and yanks me out of the room. "You said it was okay!",I yelled. "I didn't mean you two making out! Maybe a kiss on the cheek but Sarah I hate to say this but I don't want you talking to Liam anymore you are to STAY away from him don't speak to him EVER!",Harry yells. I feel tears fall from my eyes. "Mom would be so mad at you right now.",I say.  Harry's hand comes up and for the first time ever he slaps me right across the face. The slap was so hard I fell to the ground. I held my cheek with my hand crying harder and harder. "You are a disgrace!",He yells and walks out of the room. I run to my room and I lock the door. Liam had left and I found a note on my bed which said,
Sarah I know you probably are upset right now,but you are way to young for me to childish. This would never have worked out, forget the girlfriend thing. It's over. I still will love you but for now I'm saying goodbye...Liamxx
I sunk to the ground and cried my eyes out. He thinks I'm childish. To hell with this! I get up and unlock my door and sneak outside. I'm going to see Liam whether he likes it or not.  I walk 3 blocks to his house. My father won't let me have a car because mum had one and it was green so every car I want is green so..... I knock on Liam door and I shiver from the coldness. "Sarah what the hell are you doing here?",He says. "I need you.",I whisper. I grab his shirt and pull him towards me. "Please kiss me.",I say. He kisses me softly. He picks me up I wrap my legs around his waist he is still kissing me. He slams the door shut. He pushes me against his bedroom door. I gasp. He kisses my neck softly. "Liam...",I say. "Hm..",He says while kissing my neck. "oh god Liam.",I say. He looks up now looking in my eyes. "Yes?",He asks. I open his bed room door and we slam it closed.
*********************The next day*********************
I wake up in Liam's arms I look at him he is playing on his phone. He looks at me and smiles. "I think we had a little to much fun last night.",I say looking under she sheets. "Ha! Yeah.",He replies. "Oh Shit!",I say. "My father I have to sneak in before he gets back. I get up and grab my clothes and get dressed really quickly and run out the door I yell back to Liam,"I Love you!" "I Love you too!  Talk to you soon!",He yells back. I run to my house. I climb up to my bed room window I almost fell a few times but I made it I sneak in my bed and pretended to be asleep I beat my alarm clock too. Two seconds later my alarm clock goes off. I smile and get up. I run down stairs and see my father crying. "Sarah!",he yells. He runs up and hugs me. I hug him back. "I'm so sorry I slapped you!",He says. "Thanks you for not sneaking out to see Liam. You still can't see him for a while.",He says.I sigh. "You are saying goodbye."


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