My Paradise

Hi,I'm Sarah Styles I'm 16 now. My mother died really young fighting for our country. I am secretly in love with my fathers band mate Liam Payne. Will it work out or is Sarah to young and childish for him?
Read to find out!!!


7. Don't Freak Out!

Liam's POV-

Shit! I got the poor kid pregnant! Harry is going to kill me! I better call the funeral house because I am going to die. 

"Liam!" Oh like don't hate me,but I'm dating another girl. You see Sarah doesn't exactly know this yet so...." Yeah?",I ask. She comes closer to me and wraps her arms around my neck. I think I could get use to this...wait what am I doing?! I can't do this to a kid Sarah would probably run away or do something stupid like another over obsessed teenager would do. Sorry had to say that I mean it's true. She is in love with me she said so her self. "I love you.",Lizzy says. Oh yeah where is my manners. Okay so the girl I picked up her name is Lizzy. It sorta happened all to fast. You see I was at my local bar drowning myself with drinks of all sorts. "Hey,I'm Lizzy!",She said to me with an amazing angelic voice. At the time I was hardcore drunk so I just kinda talked a little funny. "Hey sexy,I'm Liam.",I say. She looked away I could tell she was blushing. I know my ladies. Before I knew it I was grinding her on the dance floor. Then I guess she came home with me. And well now I'm here..."Lizzy you need to get out.",I say sternly. I didn't mean to be so harsh but I am in love too. I am in love with Sarah Styles. "What?",She asks in disbelief. "Do I need to spell it out to you love? G-e-t-o-u-t,get out",I say simply but still harsh like. "Ugh you perv!",she yells then storms out. Well that was rude of me but it was sorta easy....surprisingly... I need Sarah I need her to know I love her Lizzy is right I am a perv! Sarah on the other hand is so Innocent... so lovely,so beautiful. And that night when we made love to each other it wasn't just another night with another girl. It was that night with Sarah,that night with my girlfriend my companion my other half. I am more into her than I let on. I am such an ass. Age doesn't matter to me. Even if she was 12 I would probably be into her but even now she is amazing. I need her more then ever. I guess yeah she is a kid and I'm an adult but like who gives a shit besides Harry. We need to find another girl for him. Oh no! We can't do that because HARRY always comes up with',No one could ever take Katie's place' Well if no one can then Katie will. Harry is being lied to Katie lied to him. The boys know what happened,Harry on the other hand doesn't. This may sound stupid,crazy,and in no way possible,but Katie isn't dead. No,she's alive seriously! Don't stop to think just listen people! It was a miscommunication! It was another Lady that died. Katie thought Harry gave up on her so she came Back a few months later to talk to the boys and I it sorta went like this,"Hey!",Katie yells from the other side of the airport. She runs to us with all smiles. "Hey Katie!!",we all scream. "Where is Harry?",she asks with sadness in her eyes. "Oh no...",Zayn says. "Katie he thinks your dead he is on a date with someone...",Louis says. He was on a family date with his mother I guess Katie took that WAY wrong. "what?",she asks is disbelief. "Yeah.",I say sadly. "What are we going to do?",Niall asks. "I think we should let him think I'm dead then let him believe it,it would be best.",she suggested. "What? No!",I say.  Katie sighs. "I'm sorry it's just he has moved on I just...I love you guys",Katie says then she ran off. I haven't or let me say we haven't heard from her since. The boys and I haven't really put together a plan to find her. We respected her plan of course we had to she was our friend! Sarah doesn't know nobody does except,Louis,Niall,Zayn,and I. If we told Harry now he would hate us! We have to find her though maybe I should tell Sarah she is my girlfriend still even though she probably hates me right now and she has a right to know that is her bloody mother! I will tell her when the time is right. I need to see her. I will go talk to her I mean she is carrying my child no wait our child.

A/N-Haha so you like how I put Liam's POV? It's different. Sorry for the lame twist I just wanted Harry's character to be happy and not a mean creep. Ha! Creeeeeepppp... anywho...I hope you enjoyed this long ass chapter! Well have one fine sexy day! ;) -Claire





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