My Paradise

Hi,I'm Sarah Styles I'm 16 now. My mother died really young fighting for our country. I am secretly in love with my fathers band mate Liam Payne. Will it work out or is Sarah to young and childish for him?
Read to find out!!!


12. Book 2 Katie

"Katie are you okay?",Niall asked me. "Y-yeah.",I say. "FATHER?!",Sarah yelled through the house. "Hm? Home already love?",he walks in the room. He looks at me then at Sarah then back to me again. I blush,"Harry?",I ask. "That would be me who are you?",he asked. "It's Katie.",Liam says. Harry's face filled with surprise.  "I swear it is me this isn't some joke.",I say. He walks slowly up to me and gently strokes my cheek. "I don't understand.",Harry says. "I thought you were dead.",He says.  I explained to him my long story. He understood it took a long time for him to get it at first but slowly but surly he got it. He cups my face with his hands then leans in our faces only inches apart. I close the gap and our lips slowly move in sink. It felt like the first time again. I slowly broke away from the kiss he smiles that beautiful smile of his. Everyone had smiles on their faces. "I'm sorry I walked out on you and Sarah.",I say with a tear escaping my eye. "Don't apologize.",Harry says. I kiss him again. "Katie are you still in the army?",Louis asks. "Yes.",I say. "But,I work in the medical field which is safer then the battle field.",I say. They all nod. I look at Sarah and mouth the words,"Are you going to tell him?" She looks at me then shakes her head yes. "Father,Liam and I have something to tell you.",Sarah says. She places her hands over he stomach then sighs. Liam moves his hands to her waist. "I'm pregnant." Those two words made all hell break loose.  



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