My Paradise

Hi,I'm Sarah Styles I'm 16 now. My mother died really young fighting for our country. I am secretly in love with my fathers band mate Liam Payne. Will it work out or is Sarah to young and childish for him?
Read to find out!!!


2. A dance for a memory

"No Eleanor no more shopping please! I don't even care about that dance come on!!",I complain. "Sarah. We have to find you a  dress for your mother's birthday! You know how important this is to your father!",My aunt says. "Fine..",I say. father is holding a party for my mother that died in a battle she was in the army. I barely knew her. My father never lets me talk about her unless it's a special day like tonight. "Who about this one?",I asked. "Oooh Sarah! That's beautiful!",Eleanor says. "Finally we agree on something.",I mumble to myself. I get the dress and went to the check out. Here is the dress I tried on,

As we walked in the door of my home I say that they had huge card board posters like they do the the red carpet! My mother would have loved this. "You're home!",My father said. "Yes I am.",I say hugging him. "Why don't you get upstairs and start getting ready Lou will come up and help you.",Harry said. "Where is the rest of the boys I asked. "Out side talking to some of the helpers.",He replies. I walk upstairs to my bed room and lay out my dress. I get my black heels  and lay them by my dress.  "Hey Sarah!",Lou says walking in my room. 'Hey!",I say. "I am going to curl your hair okay?",She asks. "K!",I say.
After she finished my make-up and hair I walked to the bathroom and changed into my dress and put on my heels. "You look beautiful.",Lou says. "Do I look like mum?",I ask. "Yes.",she replies. "Here you need this.",she said. She handed me a locket. The locket mum gave me. I smiled. "Thank you Lou.",I said. She smiled. I will go get your father so he can put it on you.",Lou said. When my father walked in he started to tear up a bit. "Wow Sarah. You look beautiful.",Harry says. I smile.I hand him the locket. He sighs and looks at the ground for a minute. He smiles then puts it on me. I could tell he was faking the smile. "Why don't you come down and see some of the guests.",Father says. I nod he locks his arm with mine and we head down stairs. I hear cheering lots of it. I see Liam. I have been in love with Liam for a long time my father says I would always play around with him when I was little. "Liam!",I yell. I smile at my father and he nods I walk up and tap Liam's shoulder. "Sarah!",He yells. I smile. "You look beautiful.",He says. He moves a piece of my hair off my shoulder so he could see the locket. "I miss her.",I say. "Shh.",Liam says he hugs me tightly. "Sarah!",I hear my Aunt Perrie yell. "Aunt Perrie!",I yell back. I smile at Liam and I give him a quick kiss on the cheek and I run up to hug Perrie. "You look wonderful!",She says. "You do to!",I reply.
Everything went well that night Liam and I danced alot and I had a dance with my father which was emotional as hell. Here are some pictures that ended up online as usual.


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