The Girl with the Red Converse

In todays world it is quite usual for people to get sucked into their lives. They forget about others who they don't know. They stick with what they know. That's what Felix Smithy did for most of his life, he just blended in. Then he met a girl who didn't blend. She was quiet and stayed to herself yet she stuck out so much. Felix always thought it was because of her bright red shoes.


3. Someone Funny

That lab in science class was probably what brought us closer together. We were becoming almost friends within the week. Jenna’s talk was less formal, she started acting, well, ‘normal’ I guess. It really depends on how you define normal. She was still quirky and different. And that made her all the more her. If that makes sense.

During this time I noticed something else about dear Jenna. She always wore a jacket or long sleeves. Whenever she did where a jacket or hoddie it was always different than the last one. It was like she had a whole rainbow of jackets and picked them according to her mood. I decided that I would ask her one day. I was also planning to ask her about her red shoes that she always wore.

The girls I had known in middle school, and now high school, would hardly ever were the same shoes two days in a row. For them shoes were like Jenna’s jackets, always changing and seemingly endless.

We talked about a lot of things during those science classes. We talked about movies and books and music. We talked about far away places and our own small town. These talks gave me a window into that life of Jenna Welch.

She loved action movies but she was also a sucker for a good chick-flick. She loved to rock out to tunes new and old. And she loved to read anything she could get her hands onto. She told me that they could transport you to other worlds. It was like becoming someone else and seeing things through their eyes.

At the time I didn’t really understand what she meant, but I wanted too so badly.

She said that her favorite language was German. Even though it could sound so angry at times, it could also be sweet and kind.

“I suppose that every language could be like that,” she said. “It just depends on how you speak really. But I don’t know, there just some thing about German that sounds so amazing to me. How about you Felix, do you have a favorite language?”

“I don’t know. English I guess. It’s the only one I understand.”

That was the first time I heard her laugh. She had an amazing laugh, Jenna did.

“I see where you are coming from. How about an accent? Is there one accent that you find entertaining?”

“Uh, yeah. Scottish accents sound pretty cool. Irish too.” I said.

“Yeah, they do.”

“So, you want to travel someday?”

“Oh yes. I want to tour Europe so many of my books take place in Europe. I also want to see more the States. We have such a big country with so much history. It’s amazing. And Canada too. I want to see which stereotypes are true.”

As we talked I realized that this was probably the most she spoke to anyone at school. That made me fell, I don’t know, special or different. I was getting to know this amazing person that no one paid any mind too at all.

“I heard that their blood is part maple syrup. It’s from all the pancakes they eat.” I smiled as I said this, sure that it would make her laugh. And I was right too. She giggled at it and snorted. This made both of us laugh. I had to set down the equipment I was using so that I wouldn’t drop it.

Some of the other students looked over at us, then Mr. Russell noticed us a raised an eyebrow. I was regaining control over myself and started working again. Jenna did too.

After a moment we shared a side glance and both smiled. That was the moment that I knew Jenna and I were going to be good friends.

The best part about this episode? That joke wasn't all that funny.

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