Under the pain.

Entry for the story of my life comp.


1. There has been a death.


One day in seventh grade, I was sitting in class waiting for the bell to ring. We were almost done with what we were doing, when I got called down to the office. I thought nothing of it because they usually call me down when they need help with something. But this was no ordinary day at the office. Mrs. Darcy, a lady at the office that me and my best friend usually help out with was crying. I asked what was wrong, and she told me my best friend had died.

I completely lost it and ran out the school, tears streaming down my face. I found an alley and just sat there and sobbed. I was soon found by my parents who took me home for the rest of the day to calm me down. It was a very depressing time for me. I began to cut after her death. I once even tried suicide. I had therapy and realized the damage I had done to my body. I was angry at myself, and vowed to get better, for mine and my best friend's stake. 

A couple of months later I was fully recovered. I was no longer depressed but there were times I would just sit in my room and right down my feelings in a journal. Even today I still miss her but, I try to think on the bright side of things.         


Things are not the same without her. She was like the other half of me. We were friends since kindergarten and not planning for are friendship to end for the rest of ours lives. But that was snatched away from us, by a drunk driver. My life will never be the same without her. I will never forget her. I still rue the day that a careless person took her life. 12/14/08. Never to be forgotten. Always shining bright, looking down at us from heaven, longing to talk to us again.  Rip Mia.




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