I Won't Give Up

When 13 year old Amelia Parker sees a new boy move in next door the summer before eighth grade, she can't keep herself away. Read this beautiful love story because guaranteed you will be able to relate.


1. May 28

*may 28*

Finally. School's out. This year was a drag. I hate life. I hate people.

I'm gonna start fresh this summer. People are gonna like me. For me.

"Amelia! Heyy girl!! Wanna go to Starbuck's?" My best friend Maddie asks me.

"Ew no. I'm not a frickin typical white girl." I reply. Not in the mood.

"What's going on with you? I don't even know who you are anymore, Mia. Are you thinking about suicide again?!"

"SHUT UP MADDIE! You say everything so loud! Why can't you ever be considerate of other people's feelings?! God, I swear you're stupider than me sometimes." I snap.

I make the mistake of looking at Maddie. Her face screams concern, guilt, and confusion.

"Kay then. Sorry I ever bothered you. Have a nice summer, Amelia." Maddie fires back.

So then, I'm left alone. Again, for the millionth time in my life. I'm never nice to anyone. I don't know why, girls just bother me. And no guys like me because everyone gossips and tells each other how big of a bitch I am. I don't blame them.

I walk the short distance home. When I let myself in, I announce to the empty house my arrival. Yes. A little time to myself. As I trudge upstairs to my bedroom, I catch a moving truck across the street. Perfect. Just what I need. More people to see everyday.

I open the drawer in my desk to see my blade. I rinse the dried blood off of it, then slide up my sleeves. With every slice, I feel more relieved. This isn't fair. I shouldn't have to resort to cutting myself so I can feel better. Well, too bad. Sucks for me. So I keep slitting away, watching the warm blood run down my arms.




"Amelia! Can you come downstairs and do me a favor?" Mom calls from the kitchen. I pick myself up with a scowl on my face.

"Mom, you know how I hate getting interrupted while I'm watching Netflix. It's really getting old." I slam at her.

"Honey, are you okay? Just take a deep breath and help me out for a minute, and I promise you can have the rest of the night to yourself." she smiles. I raise my eyebrows.

"Kay. Whaddya need?" I ask.

"Can you take this basket across the street? I just want to welcome the new neighbors!"

Of course she would. Of course she'd make me do it. Of course she'd find a way for me to be social. I grab the basket and head out the front door.

When I arrive on the driveway, I don't know what to do. I'm really tempted to just go back, but I decide I have nothing to lose. So I walk on the path to their door.

Awkwardly I ring the doorbell. Muffled noises of movement make me want to turn around and just set the basket down. But my legs feel stuck to the ground.

I look around until someone finally opens the door.

I think I just died.



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