A new life is what Viridiana needs. She decides to make a big change in her life. One more thing there are five special boys that she will met at her school.
Read to find out what happens.


2. 2

Viridiana's POV

Yesterday my parents finally came home and notice my new look like always they just started screaming at me. I just started lisening music and didnt paid attention to what they said. I felt much better now lisening to them. Then I went up stairs and to my room. I was looking through the window and had an idea. There was a tree really close to my window. I opened the window and climbed the tree but before I took all the money I had. I went to the mall and buy a lot of cool clothes. Now I'm ready for tomorrow for school. I only had some dollars left after shopping but it was worth it. I went to my home and climbed the tree to go to my room. It was now late and I went to sleep.

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