Because of you. I killed myself.

Valerie faces being bullied and raped everyday by the same person. Will she take it or did she have enough? Find out.


1. Chapter 1

~ Chapter 1 ~


I walked into school quietly not wanting to draw attention from the jocks and popular crew. I walked past some teenagers who were whispering about something that I couldn’t hear but I just shrugged it off. I held onto my bag tightly just in case someone knocks my books down.

As I was walking I bumped into someone hard. Oh no, I thought in my head. I looked up and my heart started beating two times faster than my normal heart beat. Jason. You see, Jason is the most popular jock in the school and he is the one that bullies me whenever he sees me.

I slowly tried to move around him but he stepped in front of me smirking.

“Going somewhere slut?” He said through gritted teeth.

I opened my mouth but no words came out. I immediately shut my mouth close not wanting to get the wrong impressions from others. I shook my head no at him and let him slap me. I screamed from the impact of his hand stinging on my cheek. I looked at him and felt tears streaming down my cheeks.

He laughed at me then grabbed my wrist in a tight grip before dragging me towards the janitor’s closet. I tried begging him to let go but he wouldn’t budge.

“W-what is y-you going to do to me?” I whispered through tears. He just smirked and pushed me towards the wall and kissed me hungrily. I just stood there crying while he undressed himself. I tried to unlock the door but it wouldn’t open. Jason just laughed and pulled me facing him. I started sobbing now.

He ripped my clothes off and slammed his self in me. I screamed as he hit his large member in. I tried prying him of me but he was too strong. I tried screaming for help and he told me to shut up but I didn’t. He punched me causing me to shut up and bleed from my nose. He kissed then slammed my head against the floor making me dizzy.

I laid there watching the walls blur while he raped me. He kept grunting and moaning in my ear but I didn’t care. Why should I care? This happens every single day of my life. There is no point in living if you’re just a useless piece of crap hanging around.

After Jason was done, he pecked me on the lips and walked out leaving me weak on the floor bruised and raped. I laid there breathless and after a few minutes. I was blacked out.

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