Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they were almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


21. (PART 4) Death Speeches

Part 4: Sixth Grade Priorities

-------------------------------------------------------Still in Year Four--------------------------------------------------------

The contest ended after the battle. Of course they couldn't continue. It couldn't happen. The Death Eaters had killed twenty Hogwarts students. They had a funeral for those students. But it wasn't so big. It couldn't be. Apparently, the Death Eaters had gotten into Hogwarts while almost all of the students and staff were out. The school was ruined a bit. (Yeah right. A bit.) 

Scott found out later on the Scarlett had left with her brothers. Scott sighed every time he thought about her. It just made him want to cry. Sometimes, there were times when he just wanted to forget about Scarlett. But he couldn't. 

But the contest wasn't really over. The winner wasn't decided. During that whole contest, Scott had relied on Scarlett. He thought that Scarlett was going to like him better when he won every single task. But he was wrong. Scarlett had left him. 

The judges said that they were going to tell who the winners was one day. All the survived students of Hogwarts gathered into the Great Hall. Dumbledore started off. 

"Today, we are gathered here to remember those who have died in the Battle in the World of the Unknown and announce the winner of the Tale of the Bombchesters Contest." 

Scott groaned. It was the fiftieth time that they were remembering who have died in the battle. But there wasn't really anything they could do about it. Some people were really into it. But most were passing notes or playing with their clothes. Scott was staring into blank space. Maddie was twirling her hair around and Johnny was staring into blank space, too. 

Johnny's sister, Julia, had survived, but she was in bad condition. She couldn't walk well and it looked like some kind of curse had hit her brain. She stuttered a lot of times while talking and she talked about silly things. Julia didn't really talk to anyone. She was always in her own world, daydreaming. Johnny looked tortured. He wouldn't tell anyone what had happened. He just started crying. 

Scott wanted to comfort Johnny, but Johnny, too, looked like he was in his own world a lot of times. Maddie and Scott could only guess what had happened. They guessed that the reason that Julia had been turned into that condition was Johnny's fault of some sort. 

Dumbledore continued. 

"This memory assembly would be special though. The ones who had lost their friends or family would read what they thought about what happened. Also, this time, we would also be hoping that the tortured ones would get better, too. First up would be Hunter Hayes." 

Hunter was a popular sixth grade student. He was very good at Quidditch and he had a lot of friends. He was handsome, and nice. Every girl had a crush on him. He was a cheerful boy. But he looked sulky. He looked miserable. 

Dumbledore put a hand on Hunter's shoulder. 

He said, "Hunter is one of the ones who lost the most family members. Go on Hunter." 

Hunter took a big breath and started, 

"Hi, I'm Hunter Hayes and I'm in my sixth year. I lost most of my family members; my father, sisters, and my older brother was so badly tortured, he can't even walk or say anything. My mother had a really bad hear attack. It is lucky that she survived. But she was pregnant with triplets. They have to make them get born quicker than they were supposed to now. My little brother, who is three, is the only one not affected. My father was a Ministry worker. My brother was one, too. That was why they had to go to the battle. My mother was so shocked at the Death of Leanne, Linda, and Dad. She had a heart attack. Then she heard about Kyle, that he was tortured. Her heart attack got worse. Now, only little Theo is fine. I am going to drop out of school now. I have to take care of Theo, the triplets if they survive, Kyle, and Mum. I don't understand why people kill each other. I  mean, it's not going to help the world. I wish it would all stop." 

By the end of his speech, he was in tears. Scott felt bad for him. He had lost almost all of his family. How sad it would be... But Scott had already lost all of his family... But he didn't have so many members in his family. If he did, he would have felt sad. 

Everyone clapped. Many girls were in tears. 

Dumbledore said, "Thank you, Hunter, for sharing your story. Now, it is Jane Gibson's turn." 

They went on. It was all almost the same. But one speech had been his favorite. Perhaps it was because it was the one that sounded most like his situation. The speech was said to the Hogwarts students by Carl Tiber. Carl Tiber was what everyone called a nerd. But his speech was so touching. 

"Hello, everyone. I'm Carl Tiber. I am what everyone call a nerd. I have been called that ever since I started Hogwarts. Everyone simply hated me. And they still do. But my only friend has always been a girl named Lea Reginald. As everyone knows, Lea was a very popular girl. Yes, I am using past tense because.... she is not in our world now. She is dead... Lea meant so much to me. More than anyone else. When people were throwing banana peels at me, Lea helped me get rid of the banana peels. If there is anyone that kept me from committing suicide, it was Lea. But a Death Eater named Lucius Malfoy killed her. So, now I'm left alone in this big world." 

When Carl Tiber's speech ended, everyone was crying. No one liked Carl before, but his speech was so touching. It showed his love for Lea so much. Okay, Scott's situation wasn't so similar with Carl's, but it was touching. 

Even though Johnny was supposed to go, too, he didn't. He didn't stand up. So it was time for the winners to be announced. 

Dumbledore cleared his throat loudly and said, 

"Now it's time for the winners of the tragic contest. The winner is-"

Everyone was staring at Dumbledore. Even the judges were. 

"Scott Wilson!" 

Everyone clapped. Scott knew he should feel happy, but he didn't. It was like he won a contest that made him loose Scarlett. 

Even though he had gotten a lot of money and stuff, he wanted to throw them away. He gladly gave some of the money to Hunter Hayes to help him. 

That night, Scott stared outside his window. Once again, he was sitting on the windowsill. The clouds were covering the moon, but the dim moonlight still shone through the clouds. Scott looked outside the window once more, then he went back into bed.

---------------------------------------------------Sixth Year------------------------------------------------

Scott was inside the Hogwarts Express once more, with Maddie and Johnny. Once again, they weren't talking so much. Johnny still haven't said a word about what had happened to Julia. But he was beginning to talk a little. 

But it was still not usual. Johnny used to be the one who talked the most. But since last year, it was like he had been tortured. James had told him that people feel like that when they feel lie everything is their fault. 

Speaking of James, James got married with a woman named Lily Evans a year ago. Now James was a father. His son's name was Harry. Harry was now almost a month old. He was the most adorable boy there was. 

Even though James and Lily didn't give so much attention to Scott, he didn't really care. He was happy to see Harry. Harry loved him. 

Harry cried a lot as Scott went away to Hogwarts. Scott missed Harry even though it had only been an hour or so. 

Maddie said, "Johnny, how was your summer?"

Johnny was still staring outside, but he answered. 


That was how Johnny was these days. He gave terse replies to questions. But he never started their conversations. Scott never did, so Maddie became the one. 

Maddie asked, "Tell me more about it." 

Maddie was trying to make Johnny talk more. She asked question after question. Scott didn't really see the point of it. Johnny was annoyed highly when Maddie did that. 

Johnny said, "Egypt." 

Of course Maddie knew what Johnny was talking about. He had went to Egypt.

But Maddie asked,

"What about Egypt?" 

Scott rolled his eyes. It wasn't going to work. 

Johnny said, "Went there." 

If Johnny was normal, he would've told them every single detail about their trip. But it wasn't going to happen no matter how many questions Maddie asked him. Maddie seemed to realize that. She stopped asking questions. Instead, she stared at the floor. It was very quite for about an hour. Then Maddie suddenly stood up. 

"I can't stand this Johnny! This is ridiculous! Your sister was tortured by a Death Eater, and you think it's your fault! I know it's natural. I know that you hate to see your sister looking dumb! But is there anything you could do? No! Think about Hunter Hayes and the other students who actually lost members in their family! You should be glad that Julia didn't die!" 

Johnny said, "Never understand." 

Maddie stomped her feet and shouted, 

"Jonathan Theodore Alston! I can't stand you! I am not going to be friends with you and Scott! Bye!"

Scott said, "What did I do now?" 

Maddie said, "You think I didn't know? You think that I didn't know that you were thinking that I am a freak, nerd, or whatever?" 

Scott shouted, 

"I never said that! Madison, if you don't want to be friends with me, fine! I have my own friends." 

Maddie stomped out of the compartment, leaving irritated Johnny and Scott. 

Scott said, "Johnny, I understand how you feel. I know that it is just painful to look at your sister. It would be espeically hard for you, obviously, because it's your fault that Julia is... you know..." 

Johnny nodded. 

Scott said, "Johnny... I know that you don't want to tell me, but can you tell me why Julia is... tortured?" 

Johnny said, "Death Eaters. I was supposed to be in charge of her. I let her get away. When I found her, she was trapped with Voldemort. No one saw. No one helped. I ran away. I went back. She... tortured..." 

Scott knew now what had happened. But it wasn't really Johnny's fault that Julia was tortured. It was Voldemort's fault. But of course Johnny thought of it as his fault. 

Scott said, "Johnny, when my mother died, I thought it was my fault that she died. But it isn't. Voldemort wants to kill people. He wants to torture people. It's all right. Everything's going to be all right. Julia might get fully recovered." 

Johnny didn't say anything for a while. Then he said, 

"I'm sorry that I was such a dumbo. I know I shouldn't have been in a bad mood all the time..." 

Scott smiled. Johnny was back to normal. 

"It's all right buddy." 

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