Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they were almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


14. (Part 3) Preparation?

The next day, the fourteen year olds had their competition. Michael Travis from Gryffindor won. 

The day after that, the fifteen year olds had their competition. Ty Kik from Ravenclaw won. 

Then, the sixteen year olds had their competition. Victoria Trickster from Slytherin won. 

The last one was the seventeen year olds. LizaJane Arnolds from Gryffindor won. 

Even though they were the first place people, the second place people got to do the second task, too. 

Patrick Regile from Hufflepuff, Larry Carb from Slytherin, Carla Nilson from Gryffindor, Ko Bis from Hufflepuff, and Carl Thompson passed, too. 

The rest had failed. Scott smiled at the thought that Rocky Quintis had failed. He had beat Rocky Quintis. 

But it was just the beginning. There were way more tasks left. But he couldn't help but smile every time he thought about it. He also couldn't help smiling when Scarlett smiled at him or waved to him. 

It was just his best moments. 

As for the first task, Scott got a letter from the Tale of the Bombchesters Committee. 

Congratulations, Scott Wilson. 

You successfully past the first task. The second task is based on Herbology. Remember, once more, you can't practice. 

We just want to be clear on that. 

Unlike the first task, you need some preparations. 

First, you need to pick your favorite book about Herbology. 

But, you can't read it now. It must be a book that you've read before. 

Secondly, you need a magical plant. 

You can't spend any money to get it. 

Good luck. 


The Tale of the Bombchesters Committee 

Johnny laughed when he saw the letter. Maddie, on the other hand, looked serious. 

Johnny said, "This is easy! Oh, I wish I had been chosen. I have tons of Herbology books that I like!" 

Johnny was an expert at Herbology. It was one of his best subjects. No one in their year was better than Johnny at Herbology. If there was one thing that Johnny had pride on, it was his Herbology tests. 

Maddie said, "Forget the book, Johnny. What about the magical plant?" 

Johnny still looked relaxed. 

"The Door to the Worlds. I'm sure that there is going to be some kind of weird magical plant in one of the other worlds. That's easy." 

Maddie rolled her eyes. 

"Don't you remember how hard it was to find the door back to Hogwarts? I'm not taking that risk!" 

Johnny rolled his eyes, too. 

"Then the Forbidden Forest. Aren't there many magical plants?" 

Maddie shook her head. 

"Most of the plants aren't full of magic. It's not going to be easy preparing for the task." 

Scott finally spoke up. 

"Seriously? Preparation? Wow..." 

Johnny said, 

"Scott, this is the Tale of the Bombchesters Contest. My sis told me all about it. It's not easy. She said that one of the contestants almost died." 

Scott gulped. Maddie glared at Johnny. 

She said, "Johnny! There is no need to scare him! And the person didn't die. And they won't do anything that dangerous!" 

Johnny said, 

"Whatever you say. Let's get back to the magical plant.What are you going to do Scott?" 

Scott said, "I'm going to stick with the Door to the Worlds. I'm pretty sure no one else knows about it." 

Maddie said, "Okay. If you are ready to take the risk. Then what about the book?" 

Scott groaned. He dreaded Herbology. Unless it was an assignment, he never read Herbology books. 

Johnny said, "Oh! I know the best book ever! Do "Seaside Magical Plants"! I nearly cried when I read that one... Those plants have such hard lives..." 

Maddie said, laughing, 

"They're plants! I'm not a big fan of Herbology anyway." 

Scott nodded. 

He said, "Whatever you say, Johnny... But I'm going to stick with "Plants that Grow on Animals". That's the only book that I can remember what is in it." 

Maddie laughed. Johnny looked a little mad. But, he didn't say anything. 

Scott said, "I'll find a world with incredible plants. Want to help me?" 

Johnny brightened up. 

"Sure! I'll be glad to!" 

They all stared at Maddie. She sighed. 

"Fine. I'll help. But I'm not saying that we'll survive." 

Johnny said, "Don't have to be so negative about it." 

Scott said, "We're going. Tomorrow. Pack your stuff up. It may take a couple of days." 

Maddie said, "But it's our Hogsmeade weekend! I want to go to the Owlery and write a letter to Mum and Dad." 

Johnny rolled his eyes. 

"Maddie! There is a fine owlery right here in Hogwarts! When are you going to learn?" 

Maddie said, "Fine." 


The next day, they had all of their stuff packed. Maddie still  looked like she disliked the idea of going into other worlds, but Johnny gave her that look of his whenever she tried to make an excuse for them to not go. 

Johnny, on the other hand, simply loved the idea. He ate his breakfast quickly and he made sure that he had packed everything that he needed. 

Scott felt nervous, but didn't say anything. He had to win. And he knew the door number to Hogwarts. It was 37. Even though a couple of years had passed ever since he had gone through the vortex, Scott had not forgotten about it. He remembered every single detail. 

They set off to find the Door to the Worlds. Luckily, Johnny remembered where it was. 

Johnny found the door in five minutes. Then, they summoned a shackle and made sure that the shackles were tight. 

Scott took a big breath and opened the door. Magical energy shot out. Scott ignored it. Even though he was afraid, he jumped into the vortex. 

They noticed that there were faint images of the world in the middle of the doors. They tried to find one that looked safe and was green. 

Maddie found a perfect world. Scott opened the door. They fell in. 

It was a beautiful place. There was a bright blue sky and there were plants everywhere. 

They hadn't fell into water, but, they were lying down on the green and moist land. 

Scott stood up. Johnny and Maddie smiled. That world looked happy. 

Then they saw two girls walking towards them. They were people, but the weird thing was that they had vine-like hair, green skin, and they looked like plants

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