Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they were almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


19. (Part 3) Death Eater Attack?

Ty looked so afraid. Scott was afraid, too. But he didn't show it . 

Ty said, "Why are there Death Eaters here?"

Scott whispered, "You know why." 

Ty nodded. Of course he knew. Everyone knew. That's what Voldemort did. 

Ty said, tears rolling down his cheeks, 

"He's my brother.... Lucius...." 

Scott asked Ty, 

"What? But you guys don't look alike at all." 

Ty said, "We have different fathers. His father, Abraxas Malfoy, was a Death Eater, too. My mother dreaded it. Soon, Abraxas was murdered. Lucius was three." 

My mother immediately married a man named Jason Kik. He's my father. He is a Ravenclaw, like I am. Mum was happier about that. They had a child after a couple of years. That's me. I look more like my father... That's why no one thinks that Lucius and I are brothers." 

Scott asked, "Aren't you Japanese?" 

Ty said, "I am half-Japanese and half-German. Lucius, on the other hand is half-British and half-German." 

But then Lucius Malfoy came into view. He seemed to recognize Ty. He smiled. 

He said, "Ty Kik, so perfect.... I had enough of it! I was disgusted. How proud mother was when you were sorted into Ravenclaw... I couldn't believe it... My faithful mother had taken back. She was a Slytherin... What my father was thinking marrying a betrayer..." 

Ty said, "Lucius, I didn't do anything wrong. You are the evil one." 

Lucius Malfoy raised an eyebrow. 

"Perfect Ty, are you feeling all right? If your Chinese father didn't favor you so much, I wouldn't have been so mad at him! Just because I'm not his father doesn't mean that he has to treat me like that!" 

Ty said, looking outrageous, 

"My father's Japanese, not Chinese! And you didn't treat him with respect. He didn't favor me much, too. I got punished a lot of times because I wasn't nice to you!" 

Lucius laughed. 

He raised his wand. 

"It doesn't matter. I cam overpower you now. I can over power your parents. I learned things from the Dark Lord..."

Ty said, "Yeah right. He hates you completely." 

Lucius pressed on his left arm. In a second, flying black objects came flying towards them.Soon, Ty and Scott knew what the dark objects were. Death Eaters. 

Ty and Scott tried to run away, but they were trapped. Then, finally he came. Voldemort. 

Voldemort said, "Nice job Lucius." 

Lucius Malfoy said, "My pleasure, my Lord."

Ty glared at his brother. 

Lucius Malfoy said, "My Lord, may I take Ty Kik to a private spot and kill him?" 

Voldemort said, "Your brother, Lucius... Won't you let him go?" 

Lucius Malofy shook his head wildly. 

"He is no brother of mine. I just rely on my father's blood, my Lord. And I absolutely hate him. My Lord, trust me please."

Voldemort said, "I trust you, Lucius, but not that much. But I would let you go with this little boy."

Lucius Malfoy said, "Thank you, my Lord." 

Then he dragged Ty away. 

Scott was left alone. He glanced around. D.E.A.T.H. E.A.T.E.R.S. 

Scott shouted, "Stuperfy!" 

The battle started. Scott dodged away as spells tried to hit him. But he knew he wasn't going to live for long. 

One curse hit a Death Eater on the face. He started bleeding. Voldemort looked outraged. He didn't expect his little son to injure any one of his Death Eaters. 

Voldemort said in a wispy voice, 

"Prepare to die..." 

Scott shouted, "Leave me alone Dad!" 

All the Death Eaters stared at Scott, then Voldemort. They were confused. Was it the boy or was it true? 

Voldemort said, "Dear boy, I do not have a son like you. You are too like your mother." 

The Death Eaters stared at Voldemort. Their faithful master was the father of this boy? 

Scott said, "I don't want to have a father like you! But it's true, isn't it? Why do you hate me so much? Why do you want me to die?"

Voldemort stared at Scott. 

He said, "You are changing." 

Scott realized that he was changing. His dark brown hair was turning lighter and brighter. His hazel eyes were turning lighter, too. It was turning into a greenish-blue color. His skin wasn't that pale anymore. He realized he was turning into his mother. 

Was Voldemort possibly missing his mother? Was he wishing that he had never killed Rachel Wilson? Scott stared at Voldemort with disbelief. 

Voldemort said, "Go my Death Eaters." 

The Death Eaters glanced at each other, then flew away, perhaps looking for more people. 

Voldemort stared at Scott, 

"You remind me of your mother.... Makes me want to kill you..." 

Scott said, "Leave me alone!" 

Voldemort whispered, "Never." 

He raised his wand. Green light came out. 

Scott raised his wand, too. Golden light came out. Scott didn't know what was happening. He had never produced such magic. Then he heard a voice. 

"Scott! Where are you?" 

The voice was shouting. It sounded like Scarlett's. Scarlett's...

Scarlett came into view. Voldemort let go of his wand. He turned to Scarlett. Scarlett's long hair bounced behind her. 

Voldemort said, "Scarlett Raven.... Aren't you...." 

Scott looked at Scarlett. It was Scarlett Loughson, not Scarlett Raven.

Scarlett said, "Yes, Tom. I'm Scarlett Raven." 

Voldemort said, "Scarlett Raven... Never call me Tom I said..." 

Scarlett said, "Scarlett Raven... Since when were you allowed to call me that anyway?" 

Scott stared at Scarlett, then at Voldemort. They knew each other? 

Voldemort said, "I always was, Scarlett Raven..."

Scarlett said, "I'm not the Scarlett you know." 

Voldemort stared at her. 

He said, "You look exactly like Scarlett Janice. And you are Scarlett Janice." 

Scarlett said, "No I'm not. I'm Scarlett Loughson. I'm her daughter." 

Scott knew what was happening at last, at least he thought. He thought that Voldemort knew Scarlett's mother and thought that Scarlett was her mother for some kind of crazy reason. 

Scott ran to Scarlett. He held her hand. 

He said, "Scarlett, let's get out of here." 

Voldemort raised his wand as he said, "Not so fast, you two... I have to kill you first." 

A curse flew to them. But the weird thing was that it was towards Scarlett, not Scott. 

Scott pushed Scarlett as the curse went passed them, nearly hitting Scarlett. 

Scott, too, raised his wand. 

The golden light returned. Voldemort tried to block it off, but he couldn't. It was too powerful. 

The curse hit a rock near Voldemort. The rock smashed into pieces, levitated, then dissolved. 

Voldemort stared at the rock in confusion. 

Scott said to Scarlett, 

"Let's go. Quickly." 

They were still holding hands as they ran away. They just ran. They saw more Death Eaters. But there were other Hogwarts students. They saw Michael Vikor and Patti Ogre fighting some Death Eaters. They saw Professor McGonagall. 

Scott ran past them with Scarlett. He wanted it to end. But he knew that the battle would go on for a while. Until Voldemort went away with his Death Eaters. Because they weren't giving up. Of course Scott knew that it wasn't going to be a fair fight. It was students verses skilled adults, really. There weren't that many teachers. But Scott was going to fight. He wasn't going to ever give up. He couldn't do that. His father would laugh at him for ages. 

Scarlett said, "Where are we going Scott?"

To tell the truth, Scott wasn't sure himself. He was just running. It felt good though... It was like he could keep Scarlett forever. 

Scott said, "We'll stop soon, Scarlett.... When we find some younger students." 

That was very easy. After about two minutes, they found three first years fighting a Death Eaters. Scarlett let go of Scott's hand and ran to the Death Eaters. Scott realized that one of the first years was Scarlett's little brother,Will.

Even though Scarlett had always said that she hated Will, she loved him, of course. Scott just stared as Scarlett fought the Death Eater to protect her little brother. 

Scott wished he had someone to love. He wanted someone that had his blood whom he could love. Not his father. He couldn't love him. 

But then, a curse hit Will. He fell to the ground and his whole body was bleeding. Scarlett picked him up and started running toward where they had seen the teachers. 

Scott, irritated and angry that Scarlett had forgotten about him ran to the opposite direction.  

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