No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


26. Zayn or Niall

when i woke up i was greeted by the sounds of the waves crashing onto the beach and a perfect boy next to me. but i did have a huge hangover headache!"Hey cutie." Zayn said softly scene he knew i had a headache and lightly kissed my forehead."hey." i sat up and saw the boys were here so i fell back down and threw my hat over my face."hey Julz!" Lou came over and sat me up hugging me."hey Lou-bear... you got some-" i was cut off by him handing me some aspirin."thanks." i gave him another hug and took the pills. i threw on my shirts and tied Zayns shirt in the back so my stomach was kinda showing, i quickly brushed my hair and threw on my hat. good thing i brought my perfume and deodorant and brush!"Hey." Niall said walking over to me i gave him a dirty look and dodged his hug."whats wrong Julia?" he said grabbing my wrist very tight."first get the FUCK off my WRIST and second i hope YOU AND PERRIE had a fun night making out in front of me!" he looked at me with a confused look."oh Niall dont play stupid with me!" his face changed quick to confused to guilt. Zayn came over and grabbed my hand a took me away from Niall."lets go and explore the beach for a little..." i nodded and grabbed his hand."why are the boys here?" i asked kinda annoyed."i dont know i woke up and there they were.""and why is Niall acting like he did nothing?""he apologized to me but i told he needs to apologize to you... and he thinks once he does that you to will be perfect again..." i saw when he said the last part he got emotional. so i gave him a peck on the cheek."thats not how it works in reality. somewhere were he needs to be!" i still had a headache and i was going to be a total bitch all day!"are you gonna be in a bitchy mood all day?" i just laughed and nodded. he smiled at me and put his hand around my waist as we arrived back were the boys were. Niall saw Zayns arm around my waist and gave him a dirty look."look Niall and Zayn i guess i want to be with... Zayn!" Zayns face had the biggest smile on it then he had ever had but Niall stood there shocked."im sorry Niall but-" he cut me off from turning his back and walking away.

(he guys sorry for the short chapter)

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