No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


7. When i woke up

When i woke up i was in bed and Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Austin, Zachary, and Tyler. but no Mica... i started to cry again."Come on love, please don't cry talk to me what happened?" Niall sat at the end of the bed. he singled the boys to go away. so it was just us... he sat next to me on the bed. he hugged be. but of coarse he was shirtless he was so warm and buff just like Mica... :( "Austin..." thats all i could say before crying again. "What did Austin do Julia?""He made the boy of my dreams the one i truly loved the one i get up every morning to see my life breakup... " i started to cry even harder..."Austin did that?""y..e..a..h" i could barely speak. so he rushed down stairs. i followed close and he went up to Austin and punched Austin in the face." WHAT THE FUCK NIALL!!! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!!!""BECAUSE YOUR A BITCH!!! WHY DID YOU BREAK UP MICA AND JULIA?!?!?!?! YOUR A FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!""THAT BITCH!!!" Austin tried to grab me but the boys tackled him!!!"JULIA!!! I JUST WANT TO TALK LITTLE BITCH!!!""GET AWAY FROM ME!!! ALL YOU DO I HURT GIRLS!!! SO YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!""HOW ABOUT I FUCK YOU!!!""NO AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE ME, LILYAN, AND SILVIA ALONE YOU MAN HOE!!!!" I ran to my room and locked the door... and tried to text Mica...

                                                      TEXT MESSAGES



Mica plz text me back i need you Austin is trying to hurt me!!! i love you!!!


LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I DONT CARE!!! AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU just i cant the same anymore!!!


plz!!! im sorry!!! im broken without u!!! i didn't tell you because i stopped 2 months again... im sorry i didn't tell u i really am...


im sorry but bye!!!


plz!!!! i need you!!!


He wouldn't text my back i slid down the door until i hit the floor.

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