No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


34. welcome to a place i call home.

as i woke up we were driving up a mile long driveway. i looked around and saw woods and fields. tears gathered in thee corner of my eyes. Liam saw and smiled."are they sad or happy tears?""happy." i whipped them away."is it like your old house... before-""before hell broke loose and everything went down hill yes." he suddenly smiled. wait i remember that barn and that pond and that old house from anywhere!!!"Liam either you bought the exact replica of my-""nope i bought your old house!" i started to cry but with happy tears."i love you Liam and im stupid enough not to realize it sooner...""your not stupid you were distracted.""you know exactly what to say." i smiled at him and he smiled back."you know what i just noticed?""whats that's babe?""your hair... its dark brown like before... i smiled." done with that stuff." we laughed and i quickly hopped out right when we stopped."babe there's a suprize in the barn." i gave him a questioned look."go..." i nodded and walked over to the barn. and open the door and there stood my horse that i raised from a baby!"Kiley!!!""i guess the horses name is Kiley." Louis and Liam came threw the doors and stated."yeah Kiley was my.. grandmothers name.""oh." they looked at Kiley and then at me. i gave her a kiss ''see ya later Kiley!" we unpacked everything and the house looked exactly like the same just new furniture and rugs etc. the house had 3 rooms. the master bedroom, the big spare bedroom and medium room with a crib in the middle and everything a nursery needs. i looked at him and he smiled... hopefully this room will be used Mrs. Payne." i smiled big and kissed him."i love you Mr.Payne. but i know that you probably don't-""want to talk about them... sure whats on your mind?""its that Zayn and Niall told me that they loved me.... but why didn't you come for me sooner?""... because your a big girl... and you did good without my help too.""but why do all of you guys um like or love me?""who wouldn't? you beautiful, smart, clever, athletic, caring, forgiving your just perfect.""thanks...""no need to thank me its all true. but Zayn and Niall did love you...but i would never cheat on you like Niall did... and share you like Zayn did because i only love you and your only mine." i smiled and hugged him. i had my face in his chest so i cold here his heart beat."i love you too Liam."

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