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22. The hospital of pain

i must have blacked outed in the ambulance because when i woke up i was in a peace full room. i looked around and saw it had a light tan walls with hard wood floor that look like they were just polished. there was 3 doors one to leave the room, one to the bathroom and the a last one was a coat closet. i saw Louis sitting on the other bed watching tv and Liam was in the end of the bed were Lou was playing on the laptop. Harry and Niall must have gone somewhere for something, finally Zayn was at the end of my bed looking on twitter. so i picked up my phone and they didn't see me though. i texted Zayn.

To: Zayn :3-hey... my body hurts :(

From: Zayn :3- ur up! im so srry... i love you

To:Zayn :3- i love you too and its fine you didn't know...

he quickly looked at me and his eyes were really glossy and he leaned over and pecked my cheeks."Lou....Liam." i said trying to get there attention."JULIA!" Lou fell off the bed trying to get to me and we laughed or i tried to i hurt to do anything."hey Julz." Liam said helping Louis up."hey Li-Li kins" we come up with nicknames all the time."hummm Li-Li kins interesting never heard that before." we all laughed."hey we got you guys some-" Niall walked in and was cut off to see i was awake."PRINCESS!" i smiled because he doesn't really call me princess out in public."so what you get us?" Zayn asked and i noticed the got starbuck!!!!"STARBUCK!" i screamed as loud as i could in a playful way."yup we got you your usual." Harry said walking over hugging me and handing me my drink. i saw Zayn frowned and i was concerned."no white girl joke Zayn?" i said picking up his chin we all laughed. i checked my phone for some tweets and there was a lot some negative some positive i read most of them...

@cherly34564:@Julz+Nialler  should have aimed a bit farther up to your heart!

@TeTeLover:@Julz+Nialler your no good for Niall! you know hes to good for you!

@LucklyAlive10:@Julz+Nialler plz ignore them your the most prettiest girl I've ever seen and im glad you and @NiallOffical are datin... love ya

i showed Niall @LucklyAlive10's tweet and now we are all following her and for the other girls the boys sure some stuff to them. "hello Mr.Horan and Miss.Scott?" the nurse was very nice but you could tell she was new because she was guessing it was us."that's us sweet heart. so what's up with my girl?" Niall said walking up to her she blushed when he said sweet heart. i didn't mind who wouldn't blush if Niall freaking Horan called you a sweet heart!"well Miss.Scott-" i cut her off."you can me Julia honey. whats your name?" i asked politely."my name is Jennifer. Jennifer Handson." she seemed scared. she was very jumpy when ever Zayn would move and she didn't make eye contact with the boys just me. i was confused."well Jennifer how old are you?" i asked and she replied once Zayn scooted back like centimeter!"i-i- im 17 years old." she stuttered once Lou looked up."why are you so jumpy luv?" Liam asked in his caring voice."i- i guess its my anxiety is kicking in..." she looked at the floor and Harry picked up her chin looking into her eyes. she was really pretty she had green eyes just like Harry's and her smile was beautiful, she also had long wavy dark brown hair that reached the top of her bum. she was short compared to Harry she came up to the top of his neck right under his chin. she was skinny and she had a big bum like Harry liked not to big not to small. lol. her boobs were about a size d which as pretty big for her size. her personality was shy but fun, quiet but not to quiet. she seemed perfect for Harry." earth to Harry... earth to Jennifer." we started to laugh and they came back to reality. even though they were 4 years apart because Harry was 23 yrs old and she was 19."so Jenny what were you saying?" Liam spoke up and she shot a look at him realizing that he said that like 5 times before she heard him."oh yeah sorry Julia can leave today..." she walked out of Harry's personal space but he didn't mind her in it."hey Jennifer can i have your number so we can hang something?" i asked and Harry shot a nervous look at me and he scratched the back of his next."hey i never got your name cutie" she looked at Harry and he smirked."its Harry.""so short for Harold?""yes but please don't call me that you can call my Harry pumpkin." his face became bright red and we all laughed but she didn't mind she looked at him like she adored him."ok Harold!" she laughed and we joined."well Julia here's my number and you guys can leave when ever." she said as she left and she pecked Harry's cheek. he had a ear to ear smile was now an even brighter shade of red! we were dying of laughter."ha ha ha its not funny..." Harry said in sarcasm."Lets go...." Zayn finally said and they all nodded. Zayn and i were the last people out. i got my clothes back on well at lease my jeans and hoddie Niall had to bring me a new shirt because the other one was ruined. Zayn and i sat all the way in the back Niall and Harry sat in the middle and Li-Li kins (Liam) and Loubear (Louis... hey sorry i couldn't think of any thing else but i got that from a story Dimples and Tattoo's) so i texted Zayn...

To:Zayn :3- hey Zaynie whatz wrong?

From:Zayn :3- look Julz everything is wrong.... u were in the hospital because of me!

To:Zayn :3- hey hey hey... Zaynie i could have been worse look dont get so hung up on it... luv u!

From:Zayn :3- luv u too.... what do you mean dont get hung up on it?!?! idk what i would do if it went worse and maybe have lost you... i couldnt live with myself...

i sighed and looked at him and scooted over and snuggled up with him and he looked at me and i gave him a loving look.i took a pic of me and Zayn and posted it on twitter and labeled it me and my bro! only 2 minutes later there was about 1,000 comments like

@JackieLeonKiss:@Julz+Nialler and @zaynmalik- you too would be cute as a couple no a fence @NiallOffical!

@ZaynLover:@zaynmalik and @Julz+Nialler- you too are the perfect match! but i luv #Niulia to!

@JosliaBarker:@zaynmalik and @Julz+Nialler- too cute! #Juayn!

we both smiled at all the tweets and ship names so i wanted to tweet back.

@Julz+Nialler- to fans... i luv yall and thanks for the complements guys! but remember im with Niall and yeah i know everyone says that me and @zaynmalik are cute together but i luv @NiallOffical but luv ya xoxoxo :)

Zayn replied to the tweet...

@zaynmalik: fans and @NiallOffical and @Julz+Nialler- look i do i really do like Julia... srry Niall bro i love u to death but i truly do like Julia.... plz don't let it come between us...

we all got Zayn's post and Niall quickly light up as a bright red and turned around and gave Zayn a look that i cant describe..."Niall?" i asked trying to find out if he was mad or not."Za....yn why didn't you ever tell me about your c...crush on...." he couldn't finish his sentence. but we all knew what he meant and so did the fans... then his face drained of color and he started to breathe heavy and started to shake and sat there like he froze."HE HAVING AN ATTACK!" Harry suddenly shouted. so they snatched a paper bag out and put it to his mouth and started to rub his back and rock him back and forth lightly."Niall calm down... its ok..." Harry whispered into his ear and he stopped having a attack."wh- what happened?""Niall you had an attack..." Harry said rubbing his back."oh... but Zayn you like Julia?""yes Niall..." Zayn looked at the floor."Ni-" Niall cut me off with him putting his hands on my cheeks."Julia do you Zayn?""i-i-i..." i couldn't answer because i didn't know what to say! so i ran out the car running and running."JULIA!!!" i heard Louis scream and as i ran farther and farther his voice faded. i didn't know what to do... so i pulled out a piece of paper and typed in the numbers and hesitated and hit the call button and Jennifer answered."hello?""hey Jennifer it's Julia... can i stay at your place for a while?""of coarse Julia. where are ill pick you up.""ok im in the alley on 5th av.""ok be there in about 3 minutes." so she finally arrived and took me to her apartment."hey my brother lives with me by the way..."ok.""so Julia what happened?" i sighed and showed her the tweet and her jaw dropped then explained the conversation and everything that happened. 10 minutes later we arrived at her aparment and we walked in."Justin are you home?""sup sis! yeah in the livingroom!" his voice had a sight canadian accent."Justin come here meet our new roomie shes staying for alittle." so he got up and he walked near me then we both stopped. her brother was JUSTIN BEIBER!!!"J..J..Justin Beiber??? Jennifer you didn't tell me HE ws your brother!""hey your Niall Horan's girlfriend right? um Julia!""yeah...""then what you doing here?"so explained what happened. he nodded and he understood exactly what i was saying."Justin do we still have that closet filled with clothes?"Jennifer asked him as he stared into my eyes."it's fine i think im gonna go home. i showed her my phone which said 64 messages and 12 miss calls. she nodded and i said bye to Justin and gave him a hug."hey here's my number if you ever need anything..""thanks Justin ill text you later." i pecked his cheek and Jennifer and i drove to my house we said our goodbyes and hugged. i walked up to the door and let out a big sigh and unlocked the door. i slowly walked in and the boys looked up."Julia...." Liam looked at me and walked over and hugged me."are you ok?" Lou asked walking up to me and hugging me."yeah..." i said almost whispering."wheres Niall, Harry and Zayn?""they are talking.." Liam looked at me with a cozy look."that's NOT what i asked!" i snapped him! i didn't mean too."im sorry Li-Li kins.""its ok Julia Gulia." I've never heard that one."but they're upstairs... you shouldn't go up there... they've been at it for about 30 minutes...""i don't care. they in my room????" i said and Lou nodded."thanks Loubear." so i walked up stairs and heard Zayn scream some words i couldn't make out. as i got up to door a sighed and walked in."Zayn your-" Harry stopped talking right when i came in. i looked at them and saw Zayn was scared, Niall was still shocked and Harry was pissed."hey..." i didn't have much to say."Julia i have to talk to you..." Niall said signaled the boys to leave."im sorry for making you run...""its fine Niall." i tried to keep a face. but it was hard. Niall signaled me to come and sit with him."Julia please now talk to me... do you honestly like Zayn?" i froze because i did but i also liked Niall."um.... honestly yeah..." i looked at him and he looked down."more than me?""i don't know anymore..." he looked up and his blue eyes were filled with tears."go out with Zayn..." he whispered to me i was shocked."what?" i gave him a confused look."you too are perfect for each other like both of your appearances  are great for each other.. your attitudes match each other... two too are better for each other...""Niall?" i was lost. we both started to cry. but Zayn came in Niall told him what he said and Zayn looked confused but he understood."im going to stay at a friends for a while...'' i spoke up and they flashed me a confused and sad look."why????" they both asked in unison."so i can think..." i started to pack and texted Jennifer

To:Jenny: hey can i stay at ur plce for a little?

From:Jenny: sure... ill be by in a few.

To:Jenny: thank you

From:Jenny: np

i packed my stuff and just then there was a knock at the door so i ran with my bags and answered it."hey.""hey... let me say bye please.""ok." so she waited and i said goodbye."text me if you boys need anything." they all nodded Loubear started to cry and that made me start to cry."Loubear don't cry...""ill miss you munchkin.""hey!" we all laughed and he calls me that because i love to eat! but im still not fat! so we drove to her house in total silence. when we arrived i carried my bags up stairs that lead to her apartment. so she unlocked the door and helped me put my bags inside."Justin you home?!?!" Jennifer screamed threw the house."yeah sis what-" he was cut off as we walked threw the door. he was wearing just basketball shorts and he was really buff he had a 6 pick. sexy!"um hey Julia.""hey Justin." he held me carry my stuff into my room. it wasn't big but it was nice. i had a walk in closet a bathroom and the room was maybe a inch smaller than my old room. i lied its fucking huge! i had a big bed too! so i unpacked and flopped onto my bed and pulled out my phone and checked my twitter.

@snakeywakie:@Julz+Nialler and @zaynmalik- Zayn if u know saying that would damage your friend ship with Niall u shouldn't have said that and Julia they shouldn't pressure you to choose.... luv you girl!

@NiallOffical:@Julz+Nialler- babe i mean Julia the fans have voted i told you just go out with Zayn i won't be mad i promise and plz come back home i miss you and i hate it when your mad...

i sighed and replied with

@Julz+Nialler:@NiallOffical- why are you trying to get me to go out with Zayn so much?!?! why don't you just accept that he likes me?!?! your making it such a big deal GOD!!!

       @Julz+Nialler changed name:@Julia Malioran

                                                           --->Niall's P.O.V<----

Beep Beep

my phone went off and it was on twitter. Julia commented on my post and something else i couldn't really read and all the boys gasped"what???""look at your twitter..." so i pulled it up and examined my twiter to see...

@Julz+Nialler:@NiallOffical- why are you trying to get me to go out with Zayn so much?!?! why don't you just accept that he likes me?!?! your making it such a big deal GOD!!!

       @Julz+Nialler changed name:@Julia Malioran

i was shaking and dropped my phone."Niall???"Zayn tried to get me to not have another attack."sh-sh- she...""Niall its fine she made her thing a Malioran she combined us???" i noticed once he finished his sentence he realized was had happened. we all ate left over pizza and went to sleep and i couldn't help but to cry myself to sleep.


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