No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


2. the day

             "Wackie wakie little snakie..." my mom whispered into my ear."mom!!! im not 3 anymore-" i was cut off by her shushing me!!!"we are leaving..." she whispered in my ear. my dad mentally and physically abuses us."mom what do you mean?""you going to move in with miss.jenny harry styles mom...""NO MOM IM GONNA LEAVE YOU I NEED YOU!!!""SHHHHHHHHHH" i forgot dad was in the living room drinking like usual... "but mom remember what Harry does to me? i cant i wont live with the...""im sorry honey but i need you to leave for your protection.""ok but you promise you'll be back for me right?""yes sweetie. look tonight im leaving your father for good so he cant hurt you anymore. ok? i love you.... ok quickly pack miss.jenny is waiting outside in her car.""ok mom... i love you!"so i quickly packed all my stuff i packed all my clothes, all my makeup, all my shoes, all my jewellery, all my body wash, shampoo, conditioner, all my perfumes, and all my pictures... i think i had about 5 bags full +all of my purses filled with hair stuff... so i grabbed my iphone 5 and its charger... i snuck pass my dad and so did my mom. she walked me out and we said our goodbyes. "hi sweetie.""hi Miss. Jenny." i didnt really look up that much." are you ok honey?""yeah just tired." so a couple minutes later i fell asleep... they only live like 10 minutes away." sweetie julia we are here." she said in such a loving voice. "OMG your house is HUGE!!!" we both started to laugh."thank you sweet heart." she gave me a big ear to ear smile i think it was because i talked more than usual. she showed me around the house then finally my room... i was HUGE with my very own bathroom and a humongous closet!!! she called for harry to help carry things up stairs."ok mom  im comi-"he was cut off by the look of me."wow Julia your your your beautiful...""ummm thanks harry you gonna help or just stare?" like five minutes later he picked up my 2 pick suitcases and my little bag that had my bras and thongs in it. i carried the rest witch was my purses and a small bag... so Miss. Jenny was in the kitchen and my room was all the way across the house on the very top floor. mine and Harry's room are the only rooms on the 3 floor then i goes his mom and a guest room and on the 1st floor its the living room, kitchen and laundry room. Harry threw my bra and underwear bag on the bed and a bra fell out!!! so harry took the bra. "HARRY GIVE THAT BACK!!!""you have to chase me to get it!" so he ran to his room and jumped on his bed laying on his back soon i jumped in bed straddling his waist. i felt he had a boner and the fact he was wearing basket ball shorts didn't help... so i wanted to have fun with this. so i started to make circles  with my butt on his big hard cock. i heard him moan under his breath... "you are so horny harry just admit it.""n-n-never." so i started to thrust harder and harder."come one admit it your really horny and give me my bra back!""f-f-fine im im h-h-h-horny and ill g-g-give it back if you if y-y-you give me your num-num-number..." i had no choice... "fine give me your phone..." 302-556-1234. "happy?""y-y-yeah.""now harry give it back and ill let you do whatever you  want...""ok f-f-fine." So he gave me back my bra and followed me back to my room. "look im tired im going to bed good night harry.""night." i had on my black fuzzy booty shorts on with a pink tank top on. i couldn't sleep so i went to Harry's room."um harry i have to um ask you um something....""yeah go ahead whats up Julia.""i know it sounds stupid but can i um sleep in here with you? please.""yeah sure come on." we watched insidious 2. but we ended up falling asleep. i had my head pressed against his chest  and his arms wrapped around my waist... i have to admit i was pretty warm and cozzy!!!

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