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21. The Call

so i woke up the next day to the sound of my phone ringing and so did the boys."who is it?" Niall said rolling over hitting me with the pillow."um i don't know it says unknown caller... what it says doc?" i didn't know what doc a was?!?!"answer the fucking god damn phone!" Harry yelled at me."fine..." i sighed and answered."hello?""hello Julia." i deep fimular voice shot threw the phone."!?!?!?!?!""ding. so were are living now?""im not telling you!" i screamed into the phone Niall heard me say dad and he shot right up and took the phone."look i don't know who you are and i don't want to know! but leave me and my girlfriend alone!!!" Niall screamed into the phone."you must be Niall. how can you put up with her?''"because i love her! you know something you never did!!!! and how do you know who i am?""because i KNOW everything." Niall's face drained of color. so i took the phone away from him right was and he froze."leave me and my NEW family ALONE!""ill find you and make you pay Julia Lorelle Scott!" i screamed and hung up but he was saying something before."your new family?" Zayn looked at me kinda hurt. i just looked at him with a confused look."you've always been apart of the family." Zayn said looking into my eyes. i felt a hand on my back and a tear formed into my eyes because i finially relized what my dad said and i knew he wasn't lying."whats wrong babe?" Niall finally unfroze."he..." thats all i could get out i had a big lump in my throat."he what?" Harry said as he had a angry tone in his voice."he...he said that he... would find  me and.... mak....mak...make me pay...." i finally realized that i had tears streaming down my face. Niall wiped them away."i wont let him hurt you." he said pressing his forehead against mine and i couldn't help but to smile."i love you Julia Lorelle Scott.""i love you too Niall Timothy James Horan."  we giggled into the kiss."uh hello? still here." Harry said clearing his throat and we all laughed."so what we doing today?" i looked at the boys waiting for a answer."going to the tattoo parlor remember." Zayn spoke up and the boys nodded."ok im gonna get ready." so i ran upstairs and did my usual things when i get into the shower. when i dried off i ran into the closet. i was taking forever so the boys came up and helped me choose an outfit. this is it...

"damn your complicated." Harry joked around."yeah worse that me!" we all laughed. i was applying light make up and let my hair do its natural curls too."lets go Julia!!!" Niall screamed from the bottom of the stairs. so i threw my shoes on and ran down the stairs jumping on his back and he ran to the car."Finally!"Liam said messing up my hair."hey don't do that i will go back in there and redo my hair all over again!" i said giving him the death glare."NO!!!!" the boys screamed in unison so i just brushed it."good because i didn't do anything to it." i started to laugh at Louis face."what?!?! you don't try to make your hair look like that!!!""no Lou it naturally curls." we started to laugh. we finally put the 3nd row of seats in so Liam, Louis and i were all the way in the back. then Zayn was laying in our laps. Niall and Harry were in the front and all of our stuff was in the middle. Zayn poked my boob and it fucking hurt!"owwww that HURTS you KNOW!" i snapped at him and Niall looked at him with a death glare than i gave Niall a loving look and he turned around smirking. they all laughed."hey your guys laps are cozy!" Zayn said in sarcasm because my knees were in his side and Louis legs were digging into his hips and Zayn's arm was in Liam's leg. i heard Zayn mutter this under his breath but the boys didn't hear him just me." y'r so ruddy mafted Julia... i wish i could tell yeh." i was confused but i dint tell him. his eyes sparkled when he looked up and they hit the light. i guess i liked that and he gave me a small smile because he knew i heard him so i just smiled back. i knew a little bit of British so i replied back with "i yer eyes when they twattle the light. they sparkle." they still didn't hear us. but Zayn smiled and i smiled back. just so the boys wouldn't here us we started to text...

to: Zayn :3-  your such a flirt <3

From: Zayn :3- but you know you like it <3

to:Zayn :3- do i?

From:Zayn :3-yes... why dont you love me?

to:Zayn :3 i do but as family and im going out with Niall... you know this

From:Zayn :3- but even when u to broke up u still didnt like me... :(

to:Zayn :3- not true you have no idea of how happy i was when we kissed... but it wouldnt be fair to Niall for us to go out and you know that...

From:Zayn :3-really? well we are here <3

to:Zayn :3- yeah and ok...

so we all hopped out the car."oh yeah B.T.W we aren't getting a tat its just you and Zayn..." Niall  said pecking my cheek."well what are you guys gonna do?" i asked looking at them with my epic sunglasses from Shane Dawson tv. "we are going to go and shop." Louis said teasing me."ill get Keven on you!" (if you don't know who Keven is he is Louis plastic pigeon)"NO!!!!" we all started to laugh."ok bye.""text me when you guys are done." Niall said as we walked away."lets go get a tat!" Zayn seemed excited to be getting a tattoo or just hanging with me."what you getting Zayn?""um i think in getting a finger crossed hand on my forearm.""ok.""what about you Julia?" i honestly didn't know..." i don't know ill have to think real quick.""ok." so we walked to the shop and we sat there thinking until it was our turn i found the perfect one. so about 30-45 minutes later we were done this is my new tat!

it was on my right shoulder blade."let me see Julia." Zayn said as we both got up his looked really cool."ok." i turned around and smiled as i showed him."it's so you!" he said kissing my cheek."no Zayn." i said pushing him away so he pouted but he got over it. so we paid and left. i texted Niall and they said they weren't done so."hey you want to get some starbucks?""um YES!" i said so happily."your such a white girl!" he said laughing and i smiled big when we got there!"fyi im like a little kid in a candy shop when im here!" i warned him."see pure white." we both giggled."hey Julia want to get the usual?" the lady named Kathy asked me did i mention i come here A LOT!" your know Julia?" Zayn seemed confused."Zayn really? i come here almost everyday! of coarse she knows me!" i playfully rolled my eyes. he giggled."see your just the whitest girl i've met!" we laughed and so did Kathy."i see you both got new tats." she said examining us."you two a thing?" she asked looking at us raising her eyebrows."na... and yes we just got new tats!" i said and Zayn mouthed that he wishes and i saw so i playfully punched his arm."oh you two would make a great couple though." we both blushed and she smiled."so what would you like?" she asked Zayn already knowing what i want."um a frozen caramel coffee with extra caramel and whip cream please." he said and i laughed he looked at me confused."what?""you got what i used to get now i get frozen caramel, chocolate chip coffee with extra caramel and extra whip cream!" he laughed too."ok it will be ready in about 5 minutes." she said putting everything into the computer."you got your members card Julia?""ha you are a member?!?!" Zayn sure got a kick out of that. (when i say kick i mean a good laugh) "yeah..." i said under my breathe handing her the card but hey we paid $8.95 instead of $12.99! so we sat in the tall bar like table chairs they were black and the seat spun around."see your-""so white bla bla bla i know!" i cut him off and we giggled."JULIA YOUR ORDERS READY!" Kathy screamed from the counter scene we were only people there besides the geek that sits in the corner reading all the time."OK!" i yelled back. so i hopped down and ran right to them and running back with them. i took a sip of his and he got mad so he took a sip of mine."hey! that's mine!""well you did it to!" we laughed. and we just talked a little."Zayn i have to tell you something.." i said looking at the floor remembering what i was going to say."whats up pretty lil lady?""i... i got a letter from my dad..." i said and a tear formed from my eyes."oh.... what he say?""he said hes getting out tomorrow and he knows were we live!!!" i said a the tear slid down my cheek then followed by another than another."we wont let him hurt you and you know that Julia..." i looked into his eyes and hugged him."thanks..." i whispered into his ear."no problem you know we all love you so much.""yeah i know.""hello sir how-" a man cut off Kathy and we turned around."Julia. see i told you i would find you!" it was my dad!!!!""D-D-DAD!!!!""THAT'S RIGHT IM BACK!" i was crying my eyes out and he pulled out a gun and shot me in the stomach and i looked down and saw a hole in my stomach and i dropped to the floor Zayn automatically ran and tried to hit him but he disappeared."Z-Z- Zayn c-c- call Ni-Ni- Niall." so he did so and Kathy called the police and the ambulance."BABE!"Niall screamed running over to me they all were in tears."i... i... i failed at.... protecting... her..."Zayn collapsed next to me. the ambulance showed up and took me out the boys followed in the car.

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