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27. our family

  4 months later

Zayn and i moved out to a small house in the country were there was a big back yard not many neighbors and the ones that were there lives about a mile away both sides. it has 3 bed rooms the master bedroom the spare bedroom and hopefully a nursery! Zayn and i really want kids but we think that we should practice first on puppies and i kinda told him i want puppies. :) but anyways we both woke up and i had a big smirk on my face."hey babe.""hey Zaynie!" i was so excited for what today was!" are you ready to get our new puppies?!?!?!?!?!" we were both so fucking excited about them. we are getting a rottweiler puppy (boy) and a pit bull puppy(girl)."Zayn you have no idea im am so so so so so excited!""well get ready then!" Zayn almost threw me in the shower to hurry up so i did my morning routes and found this out fit to slip into...

today i wanted to flat iron my hair scene its been a while. when i did i realized why i don't do it! scene my hair is so think and long my arms got tired so Zayn finished it! he was actually good at hair!"were did you learn how to hair?" i asked once he was done and we were standing in the mirror.(hey i know that in the picture her hair was short but i guess just go with that its long and think luv ya)"i have 3 sisters you know... i guess with all the practice with them i guess i got good.""well yes you did babe." i smiled at him and he smiled back."i love you." he said leaning in for the kiss."i love you too." i said/ whispered before our lips touched. Beep Beep. my phone went off interrupting our make out session. Zayn just groaned at me and i smiled."its Georgia." so i answered and just went over when, where and who we are going to get my puppies from."thanks Georgia." i hung up and rolled my eyes."let me guess just reminding you what to do?""yup." i sighed and put my phone on the bathroom counter. Zayn and i went back to our make out session and we ended up in bed with me without a shirt and same with him and us getting undressed. he slowly slides off my pants and i unbuttoned his pants. then we were interrupted again with a knock at the door."who is it?!?!" i screamed in annoyed tone. i walked down stairs in Zayns' shirt and he was shirtless with his arm snaked around my waist. when i opened the door it was a little old lady with a 3 year old girl behind her."hello sweet heart. sorry if we are bothering you but we are lost and wondering if you could tell us were the nearest gas station is?""oh um... well we just moved here and i don't know the area so... Zayn do you know were the nearest gas station is?""yes i do... if you leave the street go down the main road and make a left at the light then make a wright and go down a little and there you are.""are you Zayn Malik?" the little girl asked in such a quiet voice."yes i am sweet heart.""can i um get a picture and a autograph. he gave her a smile and nodded. after they were done the little girls face came to a bright red when he pecked her cheek. they finally left." anymore interruptions?" i asked sitting on the couch and Zayn just laughed."lets just ignore everything and continue." he sat sat to me pulling me up on his waist so i was straddling his waist. he smirked and  i smiled not smirked. i leaned in and continued to make out.he pulled off his shirt that i was wearing and again unbuttoned him paints sliding them off. he had his arms wrapped around my waist and my arms were around his neck. he unhooked my bra and started to run his hands down my back which sent chills down my spine. they hit my ass and he squeezed it making my moan a little in our kiss i felt he was smiling in the kiss too. he quickly took off my underwear and i started to rub his member. he moaned a little. i took off his boxers teasing im a little and started to rub his member faster and he moaned against the crease of my neck."Julia do you want me to put on a condom?" i shook my head no and answered" no that would decrease the chance of a baby. duh!" he laughed and we continued. he flipped us around so he was on top and put his member inside of me i moaned loudly because it hurt at first i guess because his member was so big but i enjoyed the pain. he started to thrust harder and harder until i flipped us around so i was on top. i started to ride him lightly and he smirked and whispered."harder.." i smirked and did as he commanded i rode him as hard and i could we both were moaning loudly. he flipped us once more and a couple seconds after that he was going really fast which meant really hard! i felt my body was shaking and he knew it to he felt it. he smiled at me and kept going then finally his body started to shake and his last pushes were really really really hard which made us both moan very loudly! i felt him fill me and laid back enjoying the feeling. i felt he was done and we were both hot and sweaty. he collapsed on me and flipped us around so i was on top of him. i laid my head on his chest listening to his heart beet and how he was breathing heavy. he wrapped his arms around my waist holding me close and i slightly smiled to myself. Beep Beep. my phone went off and it was a text from Georgia. it said remember 7:30pm. i sighed and looked at the time it was only 4:30pm... so i tried to go back to sleep but i couldn't."whats wrong princess?" i smiled scene Zayn called me princess."nothing Georgia just texted me of coarse reminding me that we have to be there at 7:30." he sighed and i sat up looking at him. he smiled at me."what?""nothing... just that my dreams came true.. i have my princess, we have a nice little house, we are getting puppies, and hopefully my last 3 things will be accomplished.""and what are they?""i have you as my Mrs.Malik, to have kids and to have a family." i smiled and laid back down snuggling with him again."Julia Lorelle Scoot hopefully soon to be Malik i love you so much and i mean it." i smiled."Zayn Jawadd Malik i love you and always will and i also hope to be Mrs.Malik someday." we smiled and kissed. our lips moved in harmony and i loved it."we have to go the Liams house." Zayn said pulling away."um why?" i asked giving him a confused look."because he wants to see us and when we get the pups he wants us to come over again so they can see them." i nodded and got in the shower again. i redid everything got dressed and Zayn got in to and also redoing his hair and getting dressed again. we rushed down stairs for no reason. it was 7:00pm now and we had to leave now!"c'mon we are going to be late and then we will never hear the end of it from Georgia!" i screamed upstairs to Zayn he came rushing down and we hopped in the car and right when we started to drive my phone went off but thank god it was Liam."whats up Li-Li kins?""nothing besides you guys coming over..." i could tell he was hurt it was just the way he said it and my heart dropped."im sorry Li-Li kins... but we WILL be coming over after we get the puppies.""oh i know you guys have no choice over that!" and i started to laugh. sounded happier now and my heart was in place now.Zayn smiled when ever i smiled and laughed but of coarse he smiled at other things to.(wink wink)"hey Payne see you soon."Julia you know i hate when people call me that!" he said trying not to laugh."what ever Liam love you see you later." i said and he replied with" love you too see you in a little.""Julia why do you tell he other boys you love them?""because they are family and don't you tel. your family you love them?" i was wondered was Zayn really jealous?"yeah... but there different... they all like you and its weird for you to tell them you love them and stuff...i don-"Zayn your jealous!" i called out and his face became a bright shade of red and i smiled."n-no im not!" he was studdering a bit from all the pressure. i laughed and leaned in and kissed him i was surprised that he could like kiss me like real kiss me and drive!"how do you do that?" he knew what i was talking about."babe i hit this button and it drives automatically. my scientist/ car repair people installed it and i use it like every once in a while.""oh ok." so we went back to kissing he had this hands cupping my cheeks and he begged for and entrance so let him and his tongue explored and our tongues like were i cant explain it."you have the best kisses that a girl could ever have." i knew that my cheeks were beating red and i gave him a half smile. and he intertwined our fingers and i laid my head on his shoulder as HE started to drive we finally got there at exactly 7:30pm and we hopped out the car and walking side by side he intertwined our fingers again. i have to admit i was kinda scared... we were on the bad side of town. he felt and knew i was scared so he snaked his arm around my waist pulling me as close to him as possible. he smiled at me and i smiled back."time to go get Ashton and Neko." we chose Ashton as the rottweiler because i thought the name was cute and Zayn knew a guy named Ashton i have to admit Ashton was cute but Zayn was cuter, and Neko for the Pitt because we both love anime and we wanted a anime name so  we chose Neko."are Julia Malik?" a lady asked and i nodded. i saw Zayns face brighten up when she Julia Malik. i smiled at him."um yes are you Georgia Rose?""y-yes."she was studdering a lot i wonder if she does drugs... probably."so were are the puppies?" i asked trying to leave as soon as possible. she pointed to the pet care that she worked at."they were over heating so i put them in the back." she quickly changed her voice because so loving and caring and she was brushing her hair and making her self look dolled up. she was pretty like this."oh sorry your probably wondering why i changed so fast." i nodded."well i am bipolar. which means-" Zayn cut her off."we know what bipolar is love." she gave him he evil eye and walked us to the pet care and i looked nice."Jazmin can you bring out the puppies?""yeah sue." next thing i know there are 2 little cute puppies running towards us.Zayn paid the lady and we left as soon as possible."well Ashton and Neko welcome to the family!" Zayn said smiling as they jumped into our laps. Zayn put his little thingy that makes the car drive by its self. Ashton sat in my lap and Neko in Zayns."we got a mams boy and a daddy's girl!" i said laughing Zayn joined."well we are going to uncle Liams house to see all of your uncles and maybe some aunts... i don't know about the aunts though."i started to laugh and what do you know its thunder storming! a loud thunder went off and Ashton and Neko jumped in the back hiding under the seats crying. i jumped and i thought i was going to have an anxiety attack."um Zayn i have to tell you something.""whats up babe? and don't say that your terrified because i already know that.""well i um sometimes have anxiety attacks... that's why when ever i thunder storms i jump to you because i make me feel safe but still i have them here and there." i said he gave me a concerned look."what do i do if you have one?" he asked holding tightly on to my hand."um well if i have an attack my mum use to sit me down and rub my back making my breathe into a bag and sways my lightly... kinda like Niall's attacks.""ok... well i know how to handle Niall's attacks and yours and his are the same so i think i got this." i laughed and a loud thunder rang threw the sky and kinda shook the ground. and here we go a FUCKING ATTACK!"Z-Z- Zayn i think i-i- im hav-ing a-" he cut me off with his lips on mine it kinda calmed me down for a second. he pulled the car over and we got in the trunk and he did what i told him to do... good boy! XD we sat there for about 10 minutes till i calmed down. Zayn pulled me close into his chest. i looked up and he looked down our eyes connected and shortly after so did our lips."you ok know babe?"i nodded while both of us climbed out of the trunk and went to the front again. he grabbed my hand kissing it then held it for the whole way. i drifted off to sleep on the way. i cant help it! Attacks make me sleepy. when we pulled up i woke up and our hands still connected but except for Ashton sleeping on my lap and Neko in the back playing with her toy. i smiled at the view. i had my love next to me and our 2 children in the car."hey sleeping beauty."i love his princess references."hey prince charming." we laughed a little and grabbed the pups and walked to the door."coming!" Liam yelled from inside as we knocked."oh love birds!"i smiled and Zayn laughed."well come in they seem heavy." we nodded and followed Liam into his house. it wasn't very big. it was a 1 story house with 2 bedrooms,1.5 bathrooms, a ok size back yard, and of course scene it was Laim it was a mess."really Liam?!?!""what did i do now?""your house is a mess you pig." we all laughed. we carried Ashton and Neko to the living room and put them down. we had to block the entrances that leave the living room so they would stay there."there so cute!" Harry said coming from the kitchen."oh and Niall wants to talk to you upstairs in the spare room." i gave him a confused look and Zayn looked like he was going to go on a rampage!"ill be back...Zayn calm down." i kissed his lips and made my way up to the spare bedroom."Niall?""hey Julz!" he came to me giving me a big hug."so whats up?""this." before i could answer Niall smashed his lips onto mine. i tried to push away but i couldn't he was too strong and i tried to move but i couldn't i was stuck between him a and the bed. i felt a tear roll down my cheek. he tightly grabbed my wrist and making it hurt like hell!"if you don't kiss back i swear Julia!" he yelled/whispered to me. i nodded because i was scared and stuck. he kissed me again so i had to kiss back. he was begging an entrance but i refused. he squeezed my wrist tighter and so let him in. his tongue explored my mouth and with my tongue. more and more tears fell from my cheeks. i did like him but i chose Zayn and i hate the fact that he did this. he explored my body with his hands like grabbing my boobs, my ass, and he tried to get in know what i mean... he wrapped his arms TIGHTLY around my waist once he was done. he pulled away and kissed the crease of my neck passionately."i love you Julia Lorelle Horan." he whispered into my ear he whipped my tears and my tear trail away." i will NEVER be a Horan! nor will i EVER love you again!"i snapped at him. his smirk faded quickly and he slammed me into the wall and it hurt!"YOU are MINE!" he spat back."NO im NOT! i love Zayn Malik and only Zayn Malik!" he looked into my eyes and saw i was scared. he let go of me and collapsed on the bed."im sorry Julia....""its....ok Niall." he looked up at me confused."lets pretend this never happened." he smiled and nodded. wewalked down stairs and we parted to our separate ways he slapped my bum but i ignored in and sat next to Zayn. we snuggled up the storms happened again. i had all my emotions bottled up and if the right thunder comes im gonna have another attack. a extremely loud thunder happened and it shook the ground and the lives went out."Julia?are you-" Liam get me a paper bag now!" Zayn started to sway me slightly and brought me into his chest and finally Liam came with a paper bag."breathe babe, breathe." he started to sing and i calmed me down! he made up a song on the spot to.

people say that your just a girl and its true but baby i love youuuuuu. i cant get enough you and i dont want to see you leave because i love you ohhhh yes i doooo.

when he finished the song i was calm enough to take the bag off but i still needed to cuddle with him. he started to rub my back and pulled be tight then he kissed me. we sat there kissing for a while... when we were done i felt better now."what was that?" Harry asked looking at me in Zayns arms."Harry duh she has the same thing i get anxiety attacks." Niall answered his question before i could open my mouth."are you ok love?" Louis said giving me a hug."yeah...""lets order pizza and watch a movie."Liam suggested and we all agreed."Julz what do you want?""im fine i don't want anything."the boys looked at me shocked."you don't want to eat?!?!" Zayn said snaking his arm around my waist."na after i have attacks i don't eat.""um yeah she'll have a small cheese steak and fries. thank you ok bye."he hung up and i gave him a confused look i told you i wasn't hungry." i said."well you aren't picking mine babe!" i laughed."you'll want it its from Nandos.""fuck yeah!!!" all we heard was Niall screaming."what was that about?" i couldn't stop laughing!"its Niall favorite place to eat.""oh guys we aren't having pizza i ordered your usual's." Liam said informing them.we chose to watch 8 mile. it was about Eminem's life. we all just sat down till. ding dong. that meant food was here.Liam got up and came with the food and we all ate and watched 8 mile. well Liam and Niall did the rest of us fell asleep Zayn and i slept on the floor all snuggled up and Lois was upstairs in the spare bedroom. i guess Niall is sleeping down here... yay.(sarcasm)



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