No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


4. later that day

so later we all came back to the house and i invited over Lilyan and Silvia.

bestie sketchy :)- hey girl we on our way whoz all there?

me <3- Harrys friends like Austin and his gang. ugggg they wont leave me alone!!!

bestie sketchy :)- awww hold on girl we almost there... in like 2 minutes :P

me <3- # love you :)

bestie sketchy :)- we here hashtagger!!!


"ill get it harry!!!"" ok cutie!" Austin screamed. i rolled my eyes."hey besties!!!!" sketchy aka Silvia was wearing the usual black skinny jeans with holes in them and a mountain dew shirt that is tied in the back but this time no black hoodie, she had a THICK layer of eye liner and black,grey and white eyeshadow with lip gloss on. Lilyan had on a mid-thigh length dress it was black with a big broken heart across her boobs." do you mind if we come in the living room with you boys?"" of coarse not!!!" harry said excitedly..." so gir-gir-girls? hows it been?" Austin said shocked by there transformation... "well hello cutie..'' Lilyan said walking over to Zachary. "well hello doll..." he was smirking back at her. sketchy watched over to Austin ''so i bet you have a girlfriend.. dont you?" she looked down at the floor."well no i dont have a girlfriend well  not yet." he winked at her. harry and tyler sat on the big couch and lily and sketchy and Austin and Zach sat on the floor... so Mica and i sat on the love seat." Julia can i talk to you in private?"" yeah sure Mica!!!" we had to be quiet because everyone else were we walked to the park..."i have to tell you something Julia...""Sure whats up Mica?""i like you a lot and i always had.""oh well i like you too....""ok Julia will you go out with me?""Mica yes!!!" so we leaned in for a kiss... then our lips touched his lips were so soft and plump... i felt something in my gut it felt weird... like i fell in love...

so we walked back to the house and i fell asleep with my face burred into Mica's chest i felt his abs on my face he has his arm around my neck we were all snuggled up with a blanket around us...

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