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I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


35. Happy Ending

2 years later....

its been 2 years scene we moved in and Liam and i are married and have a baby girl. this is her...

her name is Sophia Maria Payne. shes an angel and she loves her uncle Louis and her mom and dad."mommy do i have any other uncies?" yes she calls uncles uncies."sweet heart you have uncle Lou.""i know but daddy and uncie Lou-Lou were talking about my other mates and how they are also my uncies.""they were now?" she nodded."well let me talk to daddy and uncie Lou real quick." she nodded and ran off to the barn."Liam, Louis i need to talk to you!" i screamed from the kitchen."whats up babe?" Liam said as he came down stairs and pecked my cheek."why were you two talking about Niall, Harry and Zayn?" both of them shot there eyes at me and they gave each other a scared look."we we weren't.""yes you were Sophie told me." he both sighed."well Zayn called...and they want to see Sophia and us.""how do they know they know about Sophia?" i snapped."Facebook duh." Lou said. i sighed."no.""what?""no i wont let them see her." i said finishing up breakfast."but Julia they are her-""no they aren't! shes to young... maybe when she gets older..." they nodded."please get Sophia and tell her that breakfast is done and so is that conversation." they nodded again and ran to the barn."hey mommy! can i go out and play with my mates?" she has a thick British accent like her uncle and father. i have a slight accent but not as thick as there's."sorry sweat heart we have to eat... and who?""ok and a lady that's in the barn... she says that she loves you and then she gave me this." she handed a locket with a picture of my mum and me."mum?" i said under my breathe."she says that shes my grand mother." i smiled."she is...that's my mummy... but she passed when mummy was younger. im glad you got to meet her though." she hugged me."shes behind you mummy." i turned around and there she was."mum?""hello Julia." i hugged her and she hugged back."why are you here mum?""i just wanted to meet my grand baby in person." Sophia ran and hugged her."i must leave now but i promise i will visit sometime soon.i love you both." i smiled."love you too mum.""love you mom mom." she smiled and slowly faded away."do you want the necklace on?" Sophia nodded so i put it on her. the boys walked in seconds after my mum was gone."daddy uncie Lou-Lou i saw grand mum!"they gave me a confused looked but i just smiled. i passed out breakfast it was just eggs and waffles and o.j."thank you babe.""thank you mummy.""thank you Julz.""your welcome guys." and so on we had a fun and relaxing day... i had everything i wanted a family, a child, the perfect husband, the right brother/uncie, a house, i saw my mum. i love my life. and this is how i want it to stay.

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