No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


6. Going to his house

I spent the night over Mica's house... so did everyone else. :( "Mica can you help me make breakfast?!?!""Sure babe!!!" so i took a shower and did a waterfall braid in it so then i did my make up i did black eyeliner and black,grey and white eye shadow... so i put on my new outfit we bought at the mall... this is it

Mica walked in as i was putting my makeup on." Why do you need makeup?your beautiful without it too, babe."" i dont know it makes me feel better about my self... i guess."i said looking down at the floor. he had his ny black and blue snap back on and his white v-neck shirt and his grey skinny jeans on too... he also had on his black converses too. Mica moved my hair out from in front of my face and put his index finger under my chin and raised my head." Julia your the most beautiful girl I've ever seen..." he leaned in and kissed me. i couldnt help but to blush!!!"lets go and make breakfast!!!""ok." he followed close behind. but when we got down stairs sketchy was crying and Lilyan was accompanying her. while Austin was on the other side of the room mad as fuck..."what happened here?" i asked speaking over the yelling Austin and the sobbing Sketchy..."YOU FUCKING GIRLS!!! ALL 3 OF YOU ARE SLUTS, HOES, BITCHES, AND FUCKING WORTHLESS!!!! ALL YOU GUYS ARE, ARE WASTE OF SPACE!!! ALL OF YOU CAN CRAWL BACK INTO THE DITCH YOU ALL FUCKING CAME FROM!!!" Austin screamed at us."MAN WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU DON'T EVER TALK TO MY GIRLFRIEND OR HER FRIENDS LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED BUT YOUR IN MY HOUSE AND YOU DO NOT DISRESPECT GIRLS HERE!!! GOT THAT!!!"Mica snapped right back to Austin in a heart beat... so we tried to calm both of them down..."Sketchy what happened?" i asked trying to get details..."well i started when he hacked into my phone and i caught him he read my ex boyfriends text, you know how he's always texting me saying that he loves me... well he threw my phone on the ground and hit me!!! so i punched him back in the gut!!! then he started to flip out!!!" she said trying not to cry... "ok Lilyan take Sketchy home and you go to!!!""but but but" Lilyan tried to change my mind."NO!!! GO HOME!!!" I yelled at her... so i walked in and sat next to Mica..."Julia show Mica your wrist..." Austin said calmly but also demanding."No." i said right back. "Show Mica or I will!!!" he started to raise his voice."NO!!!" i snapped. so Austin tackled me to the floor right off the couch!!!"See MICA!!!! All she does is cut!!! SHES WORTHLESS!!!" Austin said gripping my wrist showing the boys."Get OFF OF ME!!!" I screamed pushing him off. Mica was already out the door. I was crying my eyes out. "MICA WHAT I CAN EXPLAIN!!!" I tried to get him to stop running. "I DON'T WANT TO DATE A CUTTING SUICIDAL BITCH!!! WE ARE DONE!!! MAYBE AUSTIN WAS RIGHT MAYBE YOU ARE JUST A BITCH AND JUST CRAWL INTO A DITCH AND DIE!!! NO ONE WILL CARE!!! NOW LEAVE!!!" He screamed at me when we reached the park."But Mica i need you.... i cant lose you.... i stopped trust me please Mica trust me!!!""I thought i could trust you!!! I thought we would tell EACH OTHER EVERYTHING!!! BUT I GUESS NOT!!!" we were both crying no hyperventilating with tears... he ran back home...and i just fell to my knees...thinking to myself "maybe i should die no one would care!!!" i didnt know what to do soi sat there and collapsed... i just wanted cry... so i did i cried so much that i blackout!!! Then i felt someone carrying me somewhere...

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