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I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


14. Friday!

"Hi mam. Hi mam. Ní féidir liom ag iarraidh bogadh ar ais go hÉirinn! d'fhéadfadh a scaoilte di! cibé fo mamaí." i heard Niall yell into the phone speaking Irish to his mom. hes been teaching my -a bit of Irish he said something about loosing me and he doesn't want to go back to Ireland."hey Niall what was that about?" i said yawning rubbing my eyes." my mum wants me to go back to Ireland... but dont worry i wont leave you." he said pecking my cheek."why does she want you to move back?""she thinks that America i damaging me. but i wont leave! i refuse!" i flashed him a weak smile and hopped into the shower. when i got outi dried my body and hair and went into the closet and chose my outfit this is it...

i let my hair do what ever so today i let it do its natural curls.i quickly applied light make up and used the new 1D perfume that Niall got me."tú ag féachaint go hálainn." which means you look beautiful."thank you." i said blushing a little." i have to tell you something." Niall said pulling me in for a kiss when i reached him he whispered in my ear" i love you..." then he kissed my neck." i love you too Niall."" like i love you with my whole life!" he said before slamming his lips onto mine. i smiled between kisses. then Niall's phone rang it was a text from Harry."Zayn and Louis are in the hospital!" Niall said worried after reading the text. so i grabbed my purse off the counter and we quickly hopped into the car and drove to the hospital. when we stopped at a red light Niall looked over to me and saw a tear rolled down my cheek."Julia they will be fine... we gotta be strong." his said and me studying his voice and i heard his thick Irish accent and his voice was really shaky. so i gave him a weak smile. when we pulled up we saw Harry and Liam's car were parked in the front so we parked next to them.. Niall and i literally jumped out the car and ran as fast as we could inside."hello we are looking for Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson. i said panting at the lady behind the desk." sorry they aren't out of surgery so i will have to ask you to go into the waiting room please." she said staring at Niall trying to impress him. i gave her the death glare and she saw me so she stopped. so as we walked away i held his hand giving her the middle finger with my other behind my back. we saw Harry pacing back and forth and Liam fiddling with his thumbs."Harry?" i said trying to get his attention."JULIA!!! NIALL!!!" they both screamed in unison which kinda scared me. we all hugged for about 5 minutes."what happened?" i said them both."well the boys were walking to the park and just doing there daily stuff until some guys drove past them and they were talking about you Julia! and so Zayn and Louis flipped out on them and the guys shot them both in the stomach." Harry told the whole story."how did they know about Julia?" Niall said trying to stay calm."i think they were her neighbors i don't know." i stared at Harry with a confused look."Mr.Malik and Mr.Tomlinson are ready to see you guys." the same nurse that was behind the counter told us. we nodded and followed the nurse to there room. when we got there Zayn saw a tear roll down my cheek and i quickly ran to him said threw my body into the hug. i forgot about the shot but he seemed not to mind the pain. i looked over to Louis and he was still knocked out by the medicine they gave him. a hour passed and i was in bed with Zayn cuddled up next to his because i was freezing. the boys like Niall, Harry and Liam walked down stairs to get some caffeine."Zayn why did you get so protective of me? Harry told us the story already...""Julia because you are part of the family and i didn't like the way they were talking about you and i... i guess i... like you..." i saw he was blushing and we stared into each others eyes. i gave him the loving look and he leaned in for a kiss. but i stopped him."Zayn im dating Niall im sorry." i said sitting up."yeah i know im sorry..." he said looking at the ground."Julia my stomach hurts!" i looked over to see Louis complaining about the pain."yeah Louis i know knuckle head!" i said pecking his cheek. he was blushing."geez bestie what you will go threw for me!" i said staring into his eyes."well i got to protect my bestie don't i."he said chuckling a little. i rolled my eyes in a kidding way. Zayn chuckled at our conversation.when Niall walked in he had a tear roll down his cheek and i saw and ran over to him and hugged his the boys came into the room looking down all sad the only people that didn't know what was going on were me, Zayn and Louis. Niall texted  Zayn and Louis what was going on and Zayn looked at Niall and me and a tear filled his eye same with Louis."oh..." Zayn said trying not to cry."Babe whats going on?" i said in a worried tone."i...i got to go back to... Ireland my...grandpa passed and my mom wants me to be there for a couple months maybe... a year or two..." he said looking into my eyes."oh... but i need you here with... me..." i said crying a little. trust me i felt bad for his family but i do need him."Niall if you want me and the boys can stay with her while your gone..." Zayn suggested and Niall nodded. i just clasped on the end of the bed."when do you have to leave?" i asked pulling myself back together."tonight.." he said looking at the ground and i clasped again."but Niall..." i said and he looked into my eyes again. so we all drove to my house Zayn and Louis got out when we left and Niall started to pack and soon said his good byes then came to me and said" i love you no matter were i am... always remember that and the boys will take care of you and call me when you can.." he said kissing my at the end i just nodded and kissed back then he left just like that. so i went upstairs and went to sleep right away.

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