The Clock Wars

My entry for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire contest! This is from the perspective of a girl chosen again for the Hunger Games. She is from District 11.


2. Grief

                   Chapter 2: Grief


Three hours later...


A gloved hand hovers over the bowl, gently touching down on the few slips of sloppily folded paper. Slowly, the hand lifts a single paper, neatly folded and a clean white.


I gulp.


"Bricca Cheriske!" a snobby voice announces.


Falling to my knees, I grasp at my reality, but lose it. A thread of pain laces through me, and I feel like I've just been stung by a Tracker Jacker. I can't be in those Games again. I can't.


But I am.


My name was called.

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