I cant control it.

I can't control it.
I can't help my feelings towards you.
I just need you.
You help the Demond inside me escape, your my angel..
Your my everything.


2. chapter two

Finally, the school day was finished.. ''Thank God it's Friday'' I sighed stretching out in Harry's car making my self comfortable; on my way to Harry's house. As I gelled my hair back into a quiff, looking intensely into the mirror, Harry came up behind me, making me jolt. ''Stop spending a life time on your hair and put your shoes on! The guys are waiting for us!'' ''Just a sec'' I mumbled not paying attention to anything he just said. After perfecting my hair and checking myself out in the mirror just once more, we went down stairs and put our shoes on grabbing the keys as we left and got into Harry's car. On the way to town we picked up Liam Louis and Niall, they were already standing outside looking quite angry as we were half an hour late, because of me, HA.

As I got out of the car, wearing my cream and leather jacket over my white t-shirt, and skinny black jeans and my white converse's, we entered the club, loud music pulsating through my body filling my ears. '' woah, I'll be getting some tonight, look at the amount of girls already staring at me!'' I could already feel the boys rolling there eyes at me but to be honest I didn't care, I bet they haven't even lost there virginity yet! While me and Harry went to get shots for the boys, I turned round to see Niall already helping himself to the little sweets in the pot, oh god Niall they were just for show! Liam was getting a bit nervous when a random girl was already grinding her self up against him, Liam was such a loser, *chuckling* then I saw Louis happily dancing like a goon to this other girl, she wasn't great looking, louis could do miles better.

As I heard a 'clink' I turned round seeing a bar tender waiting for his money as he handed us our drinks, Harry being the gentleman he is gave him his money and thanked him. We brought the drinks over to Niall Liam and Louis... '' 1....2....3'' with that we downed the shots feeling it burn my throat, the others coughed, I wanted to but it went away quickly.''HA manly!'' I commented.

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