I cant control it.

I can't control it.
I can't help my feelings towards you.
I just need you.
You help the Demond inside me escape, your my angel..
Your my everything.


13. chapter thirteen

*Molly's P.O.V*

My alarm rung at 6:30am and I sluggishly got out of bed. I had a shower and got ready by 8:00am and it was time to leave. Taylor had only just woken up but she has her showers at night and does her hair before bed. We have to walk to school at the moment because we've lost the keys to MY car and Taylor doesn't have a car as she hasn't been bothered to learn how to drive. I took in the scenery as I walked along the cobal stone pathway with the luscious green grass and the scent of it when it's freshly cut. Taylor won't shut up about the dream she had last night so I can't really tell if the neighbour hood is loud or quiet, but I'm presuming it's a quiet neighbourhood as there isn't a lot of people around.

I finally find my way to school, when I see a few people with badges on their clothes saying 'wildane school' which is the one we are heading to, so we follow them, memorising the way.

As we make our way to the main office, known as 'reception', we are stopped by two people, one girl and one boy. They look slightly older than us but only by a couple of months. Their badges say 'head boy' & 'head girl'. " hello my name is Olivia, this is Matt. We are head boy and head girl and we would like to help you find your way around school. You must be Molly and Taylor? If you have any questions to ask we are happy to help."

"Thank you, I do have one question... Where can we get our timetable sheets and planners?" "Right this way!" The girl enthusiastically replies and the boy trudges after her as she leads the way with a skip in her stride.

Our first thing we have to do each morning is go to 'tutor'? Me and Taylor look at the room numbers and we are in complete different 'tutors'. We sigh and say where we are meeting at break.

I enter my tutor room 10 minutes late as I lost my way around. Everyone stares at me as I go to hand a notice to my new tutor. "Hello, you must be Molly, right? I'm Mr. White! Could you please take a seat next to the blonde lad on the second row?" I look over to where he is pointing where a gorgeous blonde boy sits chewing a piece if gum, smirking at me.

I make my way to the chair and sit down next to him, and give him a flirtatious smile, he returns the gesture.

After half an hour of tutor I'm off to my first class which is maths... After a while of sitting and eaves dropping maths was over, I found it was slow and boring, people were nice though, my teacher was opinionated.

I make my way through the corridor to go to r.e when I get pushed by a boy with familiar black sleek hair. He turns round and gives a quick glance and carries on walking. I seem to know him from somewhere but didn't have enough time to look at him. I find my way to r.e in a matter of 15 minutes into the lesson and it's over before I know it. Taylor was in neither of my classes and that was disappointing.

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