On tour with One Direction

Ashleigh is just an average, everyday girl with a strong passion for singing. Uploading YouTube videos regularly, she was a star in the making. But one day she gets a very exciting phone call from a certain boyband and her whole life and career as a singer changes...


3. The phone call.

Recipe for a broken heart:

You will need:

One mug of hot chocolate

A HUGE tub of ice cream

One Direction songs on repeat

And countless episodes of Friends


Doesn't work!!!

I felt like rubbish all day! If Brad and I were still together we'd be cuddling up on the sofa watching Toy Story together but now I'm in a disgusting state on the verge of becoming extremely overweight from all of the ice cream I've consumed.

I was in the middle of a relaxing afternoon nap when the phone suddenly started making a noise. I sprang to life and quickly answered.

"Hello," I croaked.

"Hi! Is this Ashleigh Gardiner?" A soft Irish accent asked.

"Err yeah... Sorry who is this?" I asked curiously.

"Hi! We're One Direction and we've got some exciting news for you!" I instantly recognised the voices of my idols.

My heart was racing a million miles an hour. Why was I fortunate enough to have my idols phone me on this otherwise very ordinary day? Me!?

The palms of my hands were tingling fast due to the rush of excitement and anticipation. An enormous grin dominated my face but soon disappeared since a confused expression quickly replaced it. I still wanted to know why they were talking to me!?

"Oh... Err... Hi," I just managed to squeak the words out because my voice as quiet as a mouse. I could've said all I've ever wanted to tell them. How they saved my life. How they made me smile every day. How my heart fluttered at just the sound of their name. But no, what did I say instead...hi. Way to go Ashleigh(!)

"Hey! We've seen your videos on YouTube and we think you're excellent!" Zayns heavy Bradford accent cried.

"Yes. So we were wondering if maybe you'd like to come on our Where We Are Tour with us?" I heard Harry ask.

WHAT!?!?! I sucked in a sharp gasp. The phone fell from the tight grip of my hand and crashed to the wooden floor. I was frozen. I couldn't comprehend what was happening! One Direction, the biggest boyband in the world, (if not ever!) wanted me to go on tour with them! It sounded even crazier in my head so I repeatedly pinched myself to make sure I wasn't actually dreaming.

When I'd come to the conclusion that I was fully awake and this was happening, I came up with another theory. I was being pranked.

Briefly, I searched the living room and looked for hidden cameras but no evidence could be found that proved this was all a joke.

A couple of minutes had past when I heard distant voices. I thought I was going crazy until I suddenly realised the phone was still on!

"Hello... He-Hello... Should we hang up?" Liam asked.

I leaped across the room grabbed the phone and forcefully held it to my ear.

"No! No! Sorry I am here. You were saying?" I asked pushing for further information.

"Yeah so what do you say?" Louis replied. When I heard his thick Yorkshire accent, my heart skipped a beat. I think he was secretly always my favourite but I never thought he'd have such an effect on me. His voice melted me from the inside out and that was just simply talking to him on the phone. What would happen when I actually met him?

For the next half hour I listened patiently to all of the details they told me about this great adventure.

When all of the details had been cleared up and we said our goodbyes, I lay flat on my back and stayed there for about an hour.

I listened to all three One Direction albums one after the other and stayed frozen on the floor. Whenever Louis' solo came on my heart stopped. His voice was like a gift sent from the Gods. It sent chills up and down my spine and I couldn't help but sing along with every word.

My mom soon came home from shopping and asked if I was alright. She was sure she'd been right all these years and I'd gone completely crazy and had lost all sense of sanity, since I was lying glued to the floor with makeup streaked down my face, singing at the top of my voice.

When I told her about what had just happened, she smiled. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. It was a genuine smile. Her eyes crinkled and her nose scrunched up. She hadn't properly smiled in years, since she'd been diagnosed with cancer. My dad died when I was young and she'd been miserable ever since yet she still managed to stay strong.

Soon she was giggling which turned into a proper chortle. It was a glorious sound! We danced and laughed and sang to One Direction songs in complete and utter joy!

This tour could possibly change my life forever...

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