On tour with One Direction

Ashleigh is just an average, everyday girl with a strong passion for singing. Uploading YouTube videos regularly, she was a star in the making. But one day she gets a very exciting phone call from a certain boyband and her whole life and career as a singer changes...


24. Prying hands

Ashleigh's POV

I didn't know where I was going. I just needed to get away from it all. All of the hate. They didn't even know me and yet they were telling me to kill myself! I furiously wiped away the tears that were streaming down my face and staining my cheeks. I shoved open the arena door and stepped out into the cold, frosty night. I looked around looking for a place to go. I wasn't thinking right. My head was spinning and my mind was jumbled. I dashed out of the arena gates and raced up the road. I ran non-stop for fifteen minutes, not having a clue where I was. I knew running away from my problems wasn't going to help but what else was I going to do? I couldn't just do nothing and accept all of the mean comments. I didn't have my phone on me since I threw it at the dressing room wall as I stormed out. I mentally kicked myself. I shouldn't have run off because now I didn't have a clue as to where I was. It was a pretty quiet and deserted road so there were no signs giving any clues as to where I could be. I carried on walking for ten minutes before I spotted bright lights and heard noise coming from down the road. I decided to investigate and I quickly walked to where the lights and the noise were coming from. When I got there I recognised it as a pub and I made the decision to carry on walking since it was late at night (or really early in the morning I wasn't quite sure) and a load of drunks were standing outside shouting and laughing loudly. "Hey! Hey, you!" I heard a man's voice yell in my direction. "Just keep walking, Ashleigh!" I told myself. "I'm talking to you!" His words were slurred so I could easily tell he was very drunk. I quickened my pace and I began to panic. Men like that preyed on young girls like me! I had nobody out here to protect me! I was very vulnerable! I heard footsteps getting closer and closer, closing in on me. I broke out into a run and ran as fast as my legs would take me! I managed to run for a few minutes before I felt a hand wind away my waist. "What's the rush?" A man breathed down my neck. I panicked and struggled my way out of his grasp. He tried to grab me again several times but I managed to dodge him and escape his prying hands. He soon stopped when he heard a girl's voice call behind him. "Hey! Gary! You leave that poor girl alone right now!" She yelled. She didn't sound happy and the girl who had spoken stepped into view. She was about my age and was very beautiful! She had long pastel pink hair, a nose piercing and striking blue eyes. She was dressed in a short red velvet dress with tights but looked classy not slutty. "Amelia...I'm sorry.." But the man's apologies were cut short because the girl who went by the name Amelia sent a sharp slap across the side of his face! "Leave! Now!" she shouted pointing in the direction of the pub. We both watched him as he skulked back towards the pub muttering to himself as he went. "I'm so sorry about him!" she cried as she pulled me in for a hug. "Thanks for saving me!" I exclaimed returning the hug. We were interrupted though by bright headlights rolling down the street. The car stopped next to us and I was about to run off thinking it was another man with prying hands but stopped myself when Louis stepped out the car. 

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