On tour with One Direction

Ashleigh is just an average, everyday girl with a strong passion for singing. Uploading YouTube videos regularly, she was a star in the making. But one day she gets a very exciting phone call from a certain boyband and her whole life and career as a singer changes...


22. Irresistible

Ashleigh's POV

How could he do this? Hurt me like that! I can't believe I was about to forgive him! I had to get my mind of things though since after a couple days break, there was another show tonight. I bet things were going to be really awkward between Louis and I. At least I had the other boys. Wait, the other boys didn't even know we were dating apart from Niall and Zayn! They've probably told them though. I wanted to make sure my voice sounded really good so I started practicing vocal exercises and warm-ups. I was trying so hard to focus but my mind kept wondering back to the same thing. Louis.

Maybe I was overreacting. Maybe he'd said the truth and it wasn't what it looked like. Maybe he tried to stop but she wouldn't let him. Ah well, I couldn't think about those things now. I had to focus on giving my best performance tonight.

Later that night...

"It's nearly showtime!" Liam exclaimed happily trying to cheer me up. He knew. All the boys knew. I'm guessing Niall told them since Zayn was probably too busy being around Laney. I smiled weakly at his attempt to make me feel better. 

The lights dimmed in the arena and thousands of screams echoed around the venue. I stepped out looking at all the people there. I still found it hard to believe I was performing to thousands of people nearly every night. It was like a dream come true! The words flowed out of my mouth and soon I was jumping up and down really feeling the music. 

Soon it was the end of my bit and I started getting the crowd ready for One Direction.

"So are you guys ready for One Direction?" I yelled and all I had in response were some very excited screams. I ran off stage and nearly bumped into Zayn on my way out. 

"Hey, Ashleigh! Are you okay?" he asked seeming worried.

"I've been better," I replied with a weak chuckle. He rubbed my shoulder sympathetically and spoke softly.

"You know, I think you should give him another chance. He explained to us what happened and it genuinely wasn't his fault. He was trying to stop her but she wouldn't give in! He's really upset. He's been acting really different and miserable. You should speak to him," he suggested. I nodded agreeing with him. He was right. I should speak to him and I really don't think Louis would purposely hurt me. 

Zayn grinned at me and ran onto stage as their name was being announced and the opening bars to Best Song Ever were being played. I watched the show backstage and looked at Louis intently. Zayn was right - he was acting differently. Like a part of him was missing. I'm guessing that part was me. He didn't smile much but he tried to act happy for the fans. You could tell he was faking it though. 

It came to that part of the show where the boys answered twitter questions. They had to prove they could do a human pyramid (which completely failed but looked very funny backstage) and they had to admit they're most embarrassing moment in their career but the third question really grabbed my attention. 

"Louis, how are things going with you and Ashleigh?" Niall read out looking at Louis wearing a look of pity. At first I wondered how the fans knew about us so soon. But then I figured they are directioners and since I used to be one, I knew they knew practically everything about the boys. All the boys remained silent as they stared at Louis, none of them knowing what to say. They didn't want to say we had broken up since it would be bad publicity and we hadn't been going out for very long but Louis' answer wasn't what I expected.

"You know," he spoke in his heavy Yorkshire accent. "Everybody makes mistakes, right lads?" he turned to the boys who all nodded in agreement. "Even us," he carried on. "So, I've done things I regret and done some stupid stuff. And when I met Ashleigh, I knew I had to do anything it would take to make her mine. But recently I made the stupidest mistake ever and I let her slip away from me. I want her back in my arms so bad. I want to feel her lips on mine again so bad. And that is why I've planned something to say I'm sorry," he finished his little speech. The whole crowd was silent. No-one was daring to even breathe. The boys sat down on some stairs on the stage as Louis reached for the acoustic guitar. My eyes were wide and staring as he sat down with the guitar.

He was just about to play before he stopped himself.

"Before I start I think I need the person I'm apologising to on stage," he said looking behind him and staring in my direction. I was frozen to the spot. My legs weren't working! 

"Go! Go!" I heard someone say. I didn't know who but somebody pushed me onto the stage and I was blinded by the sudden bright lights. I sat beside him and looked deep into his beautiful ocean blue eyes. They made my heart melt and I realised how much I missed him. He gave me a slight smile and I returned one. 

He started to gently strum the guitar and I instantly recognised the tune - Irresistible.

His voice sang so softly and sounded like a gift from the angels as every word he sang flew from his mouth and straight into my heart. With every line he sang, he stared into my eyes and I felt like it was just us too there, forgetting about everyone else there.

He sang the last line and the crowd erupted into a huge cheer and applause. I couldn't stop the massive smile from creeping its way onto my face. What he had done was so beautiful.

"Am I forgiven?" he whispered. I barely heard him over the crowd and his lips were forming the words so perfectly that they were practically begging for a kiss. I pulled him in and my lips crashed onto his. A warm feeling exploded in my body and I felt the happiest I had in a long time. 

"I'll take that as a yes," he laughed as he pulled away.

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