On tour with One Direction

Ashleigh is just an average, everyday girl with a strong passion for singing. Uploading YouTube videos regularly, she was a star in the making. But one day she gets a very exciting phone call from a certain boyband and her whole life and career as a singer changes...


23. Hate

Louis' POV

Ashleigh gave me an adorable smile and my heart melted. She was so cute and I couldn't believe we were back together! She pulled me in for a quick hug before letting me go and running off backstage. The boys and I had to carry on with the show and I must say the second half was a lot better than the first. I had so much more energy which rubbed off on the others and we all had a great time! I was a lot happier and I think I sang better too since I didn't sound miserable! When the concert finished I dashed offstage really quickly and made a beeline for Ashleigh. "Ashleigh!" I yelled as I ran into her and gave her a huge hug and a kiss on the head. "Hi!" she laughed taken by surprise and nearly falling over due to the impact. "Did you enjoy the show?" I asked smiling a cheeky smile. "Loved it!" she replied giggling. I slung my arm around her shoulder and lead her to our dressing room, the other boys following close behind. "Did you guys have any idea he was going to sing to me?" Ashleigh asked turning around to face the other boys. They all shook their heads because I didn't know I was going to do it either! It was a spur of the moment kind of thing and I wasn't really thinking but I'm so glad I did it! "Nope. Louis kept it all to himself!" Liam laughed, the others soon joining in. Everything was now perfect. I had Ashleigh back and I was touring the world with my four best friends.

Ashleigh's POV

We made it to the dressing room and as soon as we entered the boys started stripping! "Woah! Thanks for the warning!" I said sarcastically as I covered my eyes with my hand. "Don't be such a girl!" Harry cried. "You can look!" he added. I shook my head still covering my eyes. "No!" I yelled not daring to move my eyes. "Why not?!" Harry shouted. "Because I'm not a perverted creep like you!" I shot back at him. He made a sound as if he was offended but laughed it off afterwards. "Ashleigh?" Louis called me. "Yeah" I responded. "You can look now, babe." I loved the way he called me babe! I slowly peeked from underneath my hands and saw the boys were all decently dressed. I sighed in relief since I wasn't sure if he was trying to trick me. All of a sudden the door to the dressing room opened and Paul walked in looking miserable. "Paul, what's wrong?" Niall asked. "Well, it seems as though news about your little stunt has begun to spread Louis," he replied. "What do you mean?" Zayn asked. "Well Twitter has been blowing up with angry fans sending hate to Ashleigh!" Paul was getting really angry. I knew he liked me but I didn't think he really cared about me at all. I was shocked though. I had been a directioner so I knew they could be pretty ruthless but I hadn't prepared myself to get hate. The boys were all silent and were watching me intently. "Does anybody know about Laney?" Zayn asked worry forming in his voice. "No luckily you two have managed to keep your relationship a secret," Paul answered his voice calmer. Zayn breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed in his chair. Slowly, I pulled out my phone and unlocked it. "Ashleigh, don't," Harry whispered. They all knew I was going to go on Twitter. I wanted to see what people were saying about me. I ignored his comment and went back to my phone. "Who is this Ashleigh? She doesn't deserve Louis!" "Ashleigh looks like a right slut!" "Ugh! Why don't you just go kill yourself? Nobody even likes you!" The last comment startled me. I'd never been to go and kill myself before! Tears were forming in my eyes and I just had to let them go! I stood up and stormed out the door throwing my phone at the wall on my way out! Was what they were saying true? Did I actually deserve Louis? I ran off. I didn't know where I was going to go but I could hear the boys yelling my name behind me. 

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