Diary of a bad girl

this story is about Sierra a young girl who is constantly getting into trouble but the one time she steps over the line things get a whole lot worse. Only Finnick can help her now but will he?


1. The start of something bad

“Back again are we Sierra,” Miss Wilberforce said in that patronising voice she uses on primary school children. I sat there stretching in my chair, it was kind of boring sitting in solitary confinement especially when we were meant to be doing football in P.E. Football is my absolute favourite sport apart from rugby of cause.

“It’s not my fault I’m here its Alex’s fault,” I said folding my arms and leaning backwards in the chair, “He was standing far too close to me.”

“You knocked him unconscious with a cricket bat!” Miss Wilberforce said her face going red, “How is that not your fault!”   

“Like I said he was standing to close,” I said frowning scratching the dirt off my nails and sighing, “Now can I go because I want to do football?”

“No you can’t go!” Miss Wilberforce said razing her voice, “You knocked Alex out and you want to just get up and leave well I don’t think so!” I rolled my eyes and cursed under my breath this was so unfair. I had already missed P.E now but at least I was missing French however I hated it here so I begged to leave.

“Oh come on Miss let me off just this once I won’t be back ever again I promise,” I simpered and looked at her pleadingly.

“You said that the first time you were here last year,” Miss Wilberforce said frowning, “And you have already been here ten times; this week!”

“Yeah but this time I mean it Miss please,” I looked at her with puppy dog eyes and stuck out my bottom lip.

“When I say no I mean no Sierra,” Miss Wilberforce said her hands on her hips, “Now go and get your work from French and hurry back.”

“Fine I’ll go,” I said rolling my eyes again as I sauntered off towards the language corridor. When I got there I banged on the door and pulled a face at my friend through the window.

“Yes can I help you Sierra?” Mr Robson said smiling at me, “Oh yeah you’re in the unit again aren’t you I’ll go and get your work stay here.”

“Who’s been a naughty girl again eh?” Finnick said laughing, “What did you do now rob a bank?”

“Shut up Finnick you know what I did you were there,” I said glaring at him, “How’s Alex I hope he’s ok.”

“He’s fine but his nose won’t stop bleeding and they think it’s broken,” Finnick said frowning, “Nice work by the way.”  

“Thanks I do try,” I said sarcastically rolling my eyes at him, “Anyway it’s not like you never get put in the unit.”

“Fair point Sherlock Holmes,” Finnick said smiling, “Oh don’t look now but Mr Robeson’s coming back.” I turned just in time to see Mr Robson walk through the door carrying a pile of papers.

“Here you go Sierra can you do all of this by next lesson please,” he said smiling as he handed over all the papers, “Try your hardest I know you can do it.”

“Thank you,” I said smiling at him and I turned and left the room. The corridor was so quite now that everyone was in their lessons so it was kind of embarrassing walking back to the unit by myself. I got there and started on my French work. At break time Finnick came up to see me, he’s been in the unit so many times he has a pass to get up here however he still had to beg to see me.  

“Hey little rebel,” Finnick said smiling at me as he dropped a pizza on the table, “I thought that it would be a good idea to bring the inmate some grub you must be starving.”

“Yeah I am thanks,” I said knowing what was coming next but he got straight to the point.

“Why did you do it Sierra?” Finnick said a look of puzzlement on his face, “Why hurt Alex like that it wasn’t his fault what happened to you happened.”

“Look I know but you must understand with my anger issues I couldn’t help it I just snapped,” I looked at him with sad eyes.

“Why haven’t you told the school about your anger issues?” Finnick said patting my shoulders, “Why just tell me and no one else Sierra your anger is getting worse you need to get on top of it.”

“Help me,” I said razing my head and looking straight at him, “You used to have anger problems so you can help me right.”

“Yeah ok I will,” he said smiling, “Now I have to go I’ll see you later eh.”

“Yeah see you later,” I smiled at him and he smiled back and walked away. I realized right then that this was going to get a whole lot worse.

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